You Had Me at Adobo

If wanting to break out into a happy dance after that first smoky, spicy bite of Mexican Adobo is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. After all, that’s years of cuisine history in the making on our forks! 

With 300 years of Spanish occupancy under its belt, Mexico’s Adobo tips its hat to Old World spices like black pepper and garlic. However, it was Mexico’s access to two New World ingredients that transformed Spanish Adobo into something so deep, tangy, and spicy in flavor that it inspired this month’s RawSpiceBar Adobo Blend: chiles and tomatoes. 

Keep Calm and Chile On 

The world’s chile capital, Mexico has over 150 chile varieties that not only bring heat to a dish, but also heaps of sweet, fruity, smoky, or earthy flavor. It’s no surprise, then, that Mexico transformed traditional Spanish Adobo with its use of native ingredients like tomatoes, chipotle, ancho, and/or guajillo chiles. By combining Old World and New World ingredients, Mexican Adobo is the perfect chile-based condiment or cooking sauce for those who crave a spicy explosion of flavor. 

Adobo About You, But Our Stomachs are Growling 

Whether you sizzle your own chipotle chiles in a tangy tomato marinade to pour over our RawSpiceBar Enchiladas or you want to up your veggie ante with our mouthwatering RawSpiceBar Adobo Tostadas, the sweet paprika, black pepper, Mexican oregano, chipotle chiles, cumin, onion powder and garlic powder in our hand-blended Adobo Blend lets you enjoy centuries of evolution of flavors in the making right in the comfort of your own kitchen.  

Ready to turn up the heat during your next mealtime? Give this month’s RawSpiceBar recipes a try.  Share your creations with us on Instagram, and follow along for tasty tips and tricks 

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