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Each month we feature a new spice blend perfect for the season at hand. Get inspired and try new flavors from all over the world.

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Single Spice Blends

We source the freshest spices from around the globe each month and blend them by hand in small batches.

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ChefSmartyPants Blends

We partnered with ChefSmartyPants.

"I've been in this business for over 25 years; working in restaurants, teaching culinary school, helping people open restaurants who really should not have been opening restaurants, consulting on some really odd and varied food projects, the works. I've kind of done it all in the business, I'm the everything-bagel mix of professional chef aka THE CHEFSMARTYPANTS!"

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Bulk/Wholesale Spices

Our spices are hand blended in small batches for the most vibrant flavor possible. We offer blend development and purchasing options that fit your business needs, budget, and timeline.

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