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How It Works

Whole, High Quality Spices

We source the highest quality and some of the most unique spices from around the world.

Freshly Ground

Our spice blends are created by top chefs from around the world and expertly toasted, ground and blended for maximum flavor.

Global Flavors

Our kitchen-tested recipes take you around the world and offer endless ideas for integrating our spice blends into your home meals.

Direct To Your Door

The perfect amount of small batch spices, freshly ground. Buy spices direct to your door each month for only $8.

Toasted Whole, Freshly Ground

RawSpiceBar helps you add the freshest flavors to your meals quickly and healthily but without all the salts, sugars, chemical fillers and unwanted additives generally found in pre-ground grocery store spices & seasonings, which typically lost their flavor months ago.

What's In The Monthly Flavor Kit

  • Discover the flavors of a new region each month
  • Receive 3 freshly made flavor kits, created with unique and new ingredients
  • Globally inspired recipes, customized for your diet

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Shichimi Togarashi

Freshly Ground Chiles


Pink Peppercorn Blend

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