Just Add Za'atar

Versatility is a beautiful thing, and it’s only fitting that such a multifaceted foodstuff like za’atar has seemingly endless applications. In fact, we’re convinced it can make just about anything taste better. So, with RawSpiceBar’s Za’atar Spice Blend in hand, the only question is: where to begin?

First, we recommend giving this month’s recipe a spin. This Za’atar Shrimp is easy to zip through while still delivering on unbelievable flavor. The za’atar-forward seasoning sauce and salad dressing seriously elevate the dish.

Za’atar is great with other seafood as well: tilapia, salmon, monkfish, swordfish, arctic char…most of the ocean. It also works wonders on chicken thighs, grilled or pan roasted. It complements an olive oil and lemon marinade terrifically. You can also use za’atar for beef kabobs, meatballs, steak, pork chops and lamb. (Look, we said it’s good on just about everything). 

Stepping outside the meat and seafood aisles, za’atar is a perfect flavor-boosting component to vegetables and starches. Just about any veggie you roast can be enhanced with a sprinkle of za’atar, and the same goes for a number of potato preparations like za’atar fries.

Perhaps the most common use for za’atar is on pita. Last month, we covered the power of the pita in relation to shawarma. Now, we’re returning to the glorious flatbread because of its impeccable harmony with za’atar. The simple infusion of olive oil and blend baked into the bread takes taste to a za’atar zenith. Even with store-bought pita, simply drizzling olive oil and dusting with za’atar can be a game changer. Dip it in hummus or yogurt (which, surprise, also go great with za’atar), serve it with meat, or eat it plain. There’s no wrong turn here.

How do you plan on adding za’atar to your dishes this month? Let us know on Instagram, and follow along for all sorts of tasty tips and tricks. Make sure you’re part of our Spice Subscription for this month’s batch of RawSpiceBar’s Za’atar Spice Blend.

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