The Spice Subscription

The Spice Subscription

September: Chimichurri Blend
September: Chimichurri Blend

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Start cooking new dishes with our monthly spice subscription. Each month, we'll send one new spice blend, freshly ground and small-batch blended in-house. Sample recipes from all around the world, with plenty of recipes for all diets.

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September: Chimichurri Blend

September: Chimichurri Blend

South America
Food historians posit that chimichurri was originally concocted by Argentinian and Uruguayan gauchos to flavor their meat

Chimichurri. It rolls off the tongue so nicely. It tastes pretty darn good on it, too. The South American sauce is the perfect slap of sabor for grilled meat, seafood and salads. As we highlight this month’s delicious delivery — RawSpiceBar’s Chimichurri Spice Blend — let’s take a dip into the makeup, roots and etymology (or eat-ymology?) of this crave-worthy condiment.

  • Chimi Thing Chimichurri typically consists of finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano and red or white wine vinegar. Some Uruguayan varieties add red pepper flakes for some extra heat. There are a handful of regional varieties throughout Argentina and Uruguay, but the essence of chimichurri is simple yet sublime. 

  • Go, Go Gaucho Food historians posit that chimichurri was originally concocted by Argentinian and Uruguayan gauchos to flavor their meat. Based on their remote lifestyle, it’s likely they used dried herbs instead of fresh ones…and it was delicious enough to be one of the defining flavors of the region. 

  • What’s In a Nom? Depending on who you ask, the name “chimichurri” has a few different origin stories. One legend suggests that it was the incidental mispronunciation of Jimmy Curry, a meat wholesaler. A similar story refers to just “Jimmy’s curry.” Other accounts say it’s an amalgam of English, Aboriginal and Spanish words. There’s also the belief the name comes from Basque settlers who came to Argentina in the 19th century and used the term tximitxurri, which loosely translates to “a mixture of things.”

And, if you’re a subscriber, you’ll get your chance to spice up this month’s meals with our RawSpiceBar Chimichurri Spice Blend.

Customer Reviews

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Valerie Ito
Great for someone new to cooking

If you'd like to learn to use new spices/spice mixtures and are new to cooking this subscription would be very good. If you have been cooking various cuisines for a while it might be redundant to what you already have in your spice cabinet.

World travel via tasty spices

We received a spice subscription for Christmas. Deliveries were significantly delayed the first few months due to Covid, but the customer service department always emailed me back reassuringly -- and then came through with the promised goods. After that rocky start the deliveries have been prompt and, in ALL cases (delayed or not), tasty. The recipes are a good feature too.

Eugene Ashley
Ga n Ga

Loved getting a recipe with the spice. Makes the first dish so simple.

Suzanne Morris
Nice Idea. . . But not for Vegans or Vegetarians who Don't Eat Meat

I would have liked a choice of spice packages in my yearly subscription. I understand there is some sort of an option to select something different. However, there is never time to do this before the standard monthly spice is shipped. I do not eat meat, especially something like ribs, so the money spent on the spice subscription for this month was useless. . . Most of my friends also eat plant-based meals and nothing as specific as ribs.

Suzanne - thanks for the suggestion and we are listening. We are working on the ability for subscribers to choose a vegan/vegetarian option moving forward. This new option will be available starting in September. Look for more details in your August shipment.

Debra Katz
So fun to receive these spices each month!

This was a gift from my son and I absolutely love the "surprise" every month, especially when it's a spice I have not cooked with before, such as the recent ras el hanout (Moroccan spice mix). I do have a suggestion though. It would be nice to include a small card telling about the origin of the spice and some suggested its uses. The recent saffron was excellent too.