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July: Shawarma
July: Shawarma

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Start cooking new dishes with our monthly spice subscription. Each month, we'll send one new spice blend, freshly ground and small-batch blended in-house. Sample recipes from all around the world, with plenty of recipes for all diets.

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Transparently Sourced

Transparently sourced spices from around the world.


Small Batch Blends

Freshly ground and toasted whole spices, for the freshest flavor.


Seasonal Recipes

Recipes to spice up any season, for all diets.


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Serious spice blends to spice up basic meals or to ramp up your cooking game, for any diet.

July: Shawarma

July: Shawarma

Middle East
Derived from a Turkish word Shawarma means "turning"

Imagine you’re wandering the bustling streets of Beirut. First you smell it, notes of turmeric, cardamom and cumin mingling with luscious lamb. Mmmm. Then you see it; a familiar image, turned completely on its side. Rotating upright on a vertical rotisserie (wait, you’re allowed to do this?), a succulent slab of juicy meat is thinly shaved by a street vendor. Your senses take over. You. Must. Have. Some. 

This is shawarma, one of the world’s preeminent street foods. Tracing its roots back to 19th-century Ottoman Empire, in what is now Turkey, the shawarma technique involves stacking seasoned and marinated meat on a vertical rotisserie or spit and cutting off thin slices from the roasting outer layer. This method bucks the tradition of the horizontal spit, which has been mankind’s go-to preparation of meat since early civilization. Sometimes innovation takes a few thousand years.

Customer Reviews

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Great Gift

I bought a subscription for my mom last year for Mother's Day. She talks about being in a rut with her cooking, so these spices were just the thing to expose her to new flavors and new recipes. Thanks for making it so easy to give a thoughtful gift. My only complaint was that there isn't an obvious/intuitive way to end the subscription.

Fun and exciting

I received a year subscription for Christmas and love it. I'm trying new spices that I've never even heard of. And they're really good!

New Spices Expand My Cooking

I enjoy these high quality and varied spices to expand my cooking repertoire and bring a dash of excitement during these homebound days.

A great way to try new recipes without having to invest in a full meal kit

Good quality products, but my favorite thing is that getting new, even unfamiliar spices has encouraged me to look for new recipes to try them with. Definitely a good gift for someone who likes to cook!


When I joined I thought we would get some unusual spices and blends along with recipes for there use. My last shipment was oregano, which is obviously not unusual. Plus, the recipes seem to be nonexistent.

Hi Donald,

I am so sorry the previous featured spice didn't work for you. Did you get your Saffron after the Oregano? We're making more spices and have exciting blends in the coming months!