History of Lebküchen: What's Cookin', Lebküchen?

If you ask anyone what their favorite part of the holiday season is, they will most likely mention holiday cooking. After all, is there anything better than stepping into a home that wraps you in the scents of cinnamon and cloves? To help make your cooking merry and bright this season, this month’s blend-RawSpiceBar’s Lebküchen Blend–offers a sweet, decadently spicy taste that combines cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and cardamom. What exactly is the origin of such a spice, you might wonder? We’re glad you asked.

Wilkommen, ich heiße Lebküchen!Lebküchen (pronounced LAYB-kue-chn) was invented by medieval monks in Franconia, Germany, in the 13th century. Lebküchen bakers can be traced back as early as 1296 in Ulm and 1395 Nuremberg, the latter being the most famous producer of this sweet treat. Lebküchen was so popular that during a general assembly in Nuremburg in 1487, Emperor Friedrich III presented Lebküchen to almost four thousand children. Today, Lebküchen remains a heavily desired German holiday treat.

Limitless Lebküchen | While Lebküchen is traditionally known as a baked good, our inspiration to create this blend comes from its limitless potential. From delicious treats to savory confections, this dark brown spice offers a sweet taste and spicy aroma that can be added to short ribs, stews, stuffed mushrooms, and more. By seeing potential in the traditional, we hope to inspire recipes that make Lebküchen a spice blend used all year long. 

How will you put your Lebküchen Blend to use? Share your meals with us on Instagram, and follow along for tasty tips and tricks. 

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