The Spice Subscription Builder

The Spice Subscription Builder
The Spice Subscription Builder
The Spice Subscription Builder
The Spice Subscription Builder
The Spice Subscription Builder
The Spice Subscription Builder
The Spice Subscription Builder
The Spice Subscription Builder
The Spice Subscription Builder

The Spice Subscription Builder

  • A 2 oz. spice blend, made in small batches in the USA ($12 value)
  • A seasonally-appropriate recipe developed to highlight each blend
  • Exclusive access to RawSpiceBar’s monthly newsletter
  • Packaging from the noissue Eco Packaging Alliance
  • Free US shipping
  • Secure payments
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our spice blend subscription is a monthly delivery of a freshly packed two-ounce spice blend paired with a seasonally appropriate recipe. Subscription customers receive a monthly email newsletter highlighting the origin, history, and cuisine of the blend. We also include a printed seasonal recipe that highlights the flavors of the spice blend.

Except for our gift subscription, our spice blend subscriptions automatically renew. You can cancel anytime, and we have a very liberal refund policy. If you are unhappy at any time with our product or service we will refund your order, no questions asked.

Just like our other monthly spice subscription plans, a gift subscription is
mailed every month to your gift recipient with a recipe and access to our exclusive
newsletter.  We include a gift card and
email with a personalized note from you in the first shipment to let them know
what they are getting and who sent it. 

Except for the month-to-month plan, these subscriptions do not automatically

The gift subscription is sent right away and does not require the recipient to do anything to activate their subscription. A gift card is a credit that can be applied to a subscription or other products of their choice.

July: Hawaiian Blend

The Hawaiian Islands

Ahh, untouched tropical islands. Home to beautiful sunsets, sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and not much else. (There’s a reason why people ask what you would bring to a deserted island to survive!) When the Polynesians first arrived at Hawaii, food was so scarce that they had to bring different plants, meats, and cooking practices that laid down the foundation for the rich food culture seen in the modern Aloha State.

Customer Reviews

Based on 306 reviews
Madison Keller
Got it as a gift

My dad purchased the 12 month sub for me for part of my Christmas present since I love cooking and trying new things.
My bf and I have absolutely enjoyed every spice that has been sent to us. We always use the recipe that it comes with first and then try our own because they provide you with enough spice for 2-3 meals!

Sarah Rody
Great gift

I gave this as a gift in a family gift exchange and the recipients loved it so much they got it for themselves when the gift subscription ran out.

S Kenton
Love it, but...

I have really enjoyed Rawspicebar but was disappointed in the declining absence of presentation. I understand there is a shortage of everything so just being able to get this once a month was great...But, unlike my first spice box (which came with recipes and other decorations), by the end,the deliveries were lacking in any sort of creative packaging. Not sure if I will re-subscribe but have enjoyed all of the wonderful spices.

Sarah Woodruff
Great gift

We love this for a gift for family and friends

Great value for a fun gift!

Got this for my Sister and Brother-in-Law for Christmas, and they've reported back that they loved every box they've received so far. As a newly married couple, they're always looking to try new foods to add to their rotation of recipes, and they've told me they love the variety of recipes, quality and quantity of spices they've received. I will almost definitely get this for them again next year, and possibly for other family members (and maybe myself!)

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