Chinese Five Spice Powder
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Uses: dry rubs (especially duck & pork), roasted vegetables, baked goods like muffins and cookies

A core pantry staple in Chinese homes, this freshly ground, salt free Chinese five spice powder is the quickest way to Chinese cooking. Made with toasted fennel, Sichuan peppercorns, star anise and cinnamon. Five spice powder complements rich and fatty meats like duck, barbecued pork and beef. Try cooking in veggie stir fries, roasted carrots or muffins too. 

Toasted fennel, cinnamon, star anise, Szechuan peppercorns, cloves

What is Chinese Five Spice Powder?

Chinese Five Spice powder is one of the essential base seasonings for much of Chinese cooking. While the exact origin of this blend is unknown, it is believed it is meant to incorporate all five taste elements: sweet, sour, bitter, pungent & salty. A little bit of this mix goes a long way. 

The traditional spices that go into this mix are star anise, Szechuan peppercorns, fennel, cassia, and clove. Cassia is a relative of cinnamon and slightly more bitter. Combined together, these spices create a balance of flavors, heats, and mouth sensations meant to enhance the qualities in the dish without overwhelming it.

Taste: Sweet, bitter, salty
Uses: Dry rubs (especially duck & pork), roasted vegetables, baked goods like muffins and cookies


Chinese Five Spice Recipes & Cooking Tips

Five-spice powder is a fantastic addition to fatty meat dishes, like duck, pork and goose, as a spice rub for meat. We'll also add a pinch to black bean burgers, marinades, like tempeh or vegetable stir fries, rice dishes, and even some baked goods for the unexpected and warming flavors.


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and loved this spice on it

I made a Chinese fruit salad I found online, for my book club ladies, and loved this spice on it.

I've never had 5 Spice but I kept running into

I've never had 5 Spice but I kept running into recipies that used it.. Instead of it being super hot (the package is all flames) it was actually a lovely warm spice mix, perfect for chilly weather.

One of my favorites- five spice!!

This is a delicious spice blend, fresh and aromatic. I use it in pork dishes as well as fruit pies, a pinch goes a long way. I like theirs better than others I'vd tried.

Addition to my spice cabinet- five spice

What a wonderful addition to my spice cabinet! Fragrant and delicious addition !

Great 5 spice

Solid, fresh, high quality 5 spice- thanks for this