The Best Peppers & Chiles for Cooking

To Pepper or To Chile, That is the Question

You’ve heard of peppers. You’ve heard of chiles. But do you know what must-have chiles should be in your fridge, or what flavors you can achieve when you use a pepper versus a chili? If you’ve ever pondered the purpose of a pepper or challenged your chili knowledge, you are in the right place. 

#TeamChile VS #TeamPepper

Even though peppers are often thought as spicy, chiles are the reigning champions of heat thanks to capsaicin, a chemical that creates a biting or burning sensation. Most peppers, on the other hand, offer a variety of options that offer all the flavor with just a kick of heat. That is why they are a cult favorite for making chilis, and why we can’t wait to kick off Chili month in October with our ultimate chili blend.  This is perfect for nachos, tacos, and other Tex-Mex dishes. 

The Ultimate Pepper & Chiles List

While there are many peppers and chilies out there for you to explore, our list of best peppers and chiles for cooking lets you get a tase of heat, spice, and flavor to find what tickles your tastebuds. This includes: 

  • Ancho Chile Powder
  • Chipotle Chile Powder
  • Ghost Pepper
  • Gochutgaru
  • Green Hatch Chiles
  • Moras Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Pasilla
  • Ufa Biber 

With this list of chiles and peppers in your cooking repertoire, you can unlock a world of flavor that brings any dish to mouthwatering levels.  

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