Learning About Greek Cuisine? Dolmades if We Do.

Think of your great-grandmother’s cookbook. Passed down for generations, the beloved recipes have been personalized to adhere to the taste of the cook who holds them. And why not? The great thing about food is that anyone can make it theirs. A prime example of this? Greek cuisine.

You Odyssey Greek Food’s History

Traceable back to 350 B.C., Greek cooking has been adapted time and time again. The invasions and settlements of the Romans, Venetians, Balkans, Turks, Slavs, and even the English throughout Greece’s history blended their influences into making Greek cuisine what it is today.

If Greece is the grandmother of cooking, then the countries that came after her all had their own cooking styles, transforming Greece’s classic dishes into a fusion of culture, countries, and culinary practices. Dishes like tzatziki (derived from Turkish “cacik”), hummus (the Arabic word for “chickpea”), and dolmades (from the Turkish word “dolma”) are all examples of how different cultures from around the world found a home in Greek recipes.

Some Syros-ly Good Eats

As famous Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” We couldn’t agree more. Knowing what tastes you love lets you unlock a world of flavor. That is why this month’s RawSpiceBar Greek Blend lets you experience years of cultural cuisine fusion right in your very own kitchen. From our fresh, zesty Greek Vegetarian Lasagna to our comforting Greek Lemon Chicken Soup, there are many ways to enjoy Greek cuisine.

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