Cooking Hacks: Best Marjoram Substitute?

Marjoram is floral and woodsy and a great addition to fish, salads and Italian tomato-based sauces.

Best Marjoram Substitutes: Oregano Thyme Sage Sweet Basil Poultry Seasoning

Like marjoram, oregano belongs to the mint family and is used in many of the same dishes. Oregano tends to be more pungent and spicy and dried oregano packs more of a kick than fresh oregano.

Like marjoram and oregano, thyme is a part of the mint family and can be used in dried or fresh form. Thyme is just as versatile as marjoram and its flavor is equally mild. You can use it in both meat and vegetable dishes. There are more than a hundred different varieties of thyme. The types on which you should focus when replacing marjoram are the French and English varieties. You can use thyme in exactly the amount that your recipe requires for marjoram.

In North America, sage is widely known as one of the main ingredients in the stuffing for Thanksgiving turkey. Like the other herbs listed above, it is a member of the mint family and is thus a relative of marjoram. It has many of the same pine and citrus notes that marjoram provides. Like thyme and oregano, it is widely used in Mediterranean cooking. It is a popular flavoring for meat, potato and pasta dishes. Use the same amount of sage that your recipe requires for marjoram.

Your other options include sweet basil, which is also a member of the mint family. It is highly aromatic and you can use it in many of the same dishes that require marjoram. Poultry seasoning is yet another option that can work since most blends contain sage, thyme and marjoram.