Top Ten Recipes That Use Herbs de Provence

Have you Herb of These Recipes?

While we love all the spice blends in our pantry, Herbs de Provence is the crème brulée of the crop when comes to its versatility, aroma, and taste. A delectable cornucopia of herbs inspired by herbs grown on south side of France, our RawSpiceBar Herbs de Provence can season just about any meal for any foodie. We’ve broken down our top ten favorite Herbs de Provence recipes. 

Herbilicious Definition: Makes Taste Buds Go Loco

A cuisine chameleon, Herbs de Provence can be used on proteins, seafood, as seasoning on the grill, and whisked into roulades and sauces. To get started on your Herbs de Provence journey, these recipes will knock your meals out of the park every time. 

No matter your dining preferences, you will instantly taste the difference that our Herbs de Provence brings to the table.

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