Berbere's Ties to Ethiopian Cuisine

Every country has a signature dish that is uniquely woven into their fabric. Italians have pristine pasta. France has decadent desserts. Ethiopia has an earthy, spicy, pungent base that elevates anything from meat to vegetables to fish. But how exactly did Ethiopian food evolve into having such a distinct taste? We’re glad you asked.

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

The bold flavor of Ethiopian meals can be credited to the country being exposed to exotic spices from India, chili peppers from Portugal, and ginger from East Asia via the Silk Road. After households mixed these spices and made them their own, the staple Ethiopian spice blend berbere was born.

Ethiopian Cooking: Go Berbere, or Go Home

Berbere is considered the flavor backbone of Ethiopian cooking thanks to its unique combination of individual spices – something that can be credited to curious Ethiopian cooks of old chasing that perfect first bite packed with flavor. Excellent for seasoning meats, unlocking a powerful punch to seafood, or bringing the heat to a stew, berbere is seen in nearly endless amounts of Ethiopian dishes for good reason.

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