Any Barbecue Sauce You Can Do I Can Do Better...

First in flight, first in freedom, and first to tell you that their neck of the woods has the best barbecue, North Carolina is famous for its heated barbecue sauce rivalry. But who will you be going ham for? 

Pig-Time Competition

If you want your barbecue sauce to be tangy and sharp with a little kick of spice, you will be cheering for Eastern Carolina. Dressing the entire hog in a thin sauce comprised of vinegar, peppers, and/or spices, Eastern Carolina barbecue sauce offers melt-in-your-mouth goodness with each bite. 

On the other hoof, if you want a pulled pork sandwich that offers your tastebuds a tangy, spicy, and sweet experience, then you will be cheering for Western Carolina. The key difference is that this style uses a tomato or ketchup base for a thick, flavorful dip that offers stiff culinary competition against its eastern counterpart. 

Who doesn’t love rooting for the underdog? Though not as fiercely defended, Southern Carolina utilizes mustard, honey, apple cider vinegar, and/or brown sugar for a tangy-sweet sauce that will make your taste buds tingle. 

Put On Your Eatin’ Pants

No matter who you root for, there is no denying the beauty of barbecue. That is why we are excited for you to try our RawSpiceBar Sweet Carolina Dry Rub. From our fresh, savory Sweet Carolina Cauliflower Steaks to our juicy, tangy Sweet Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwiches, this month’s dry rub is a summertime staple for grill masters looking to up the barbecue ante.  Oh and for those who are extra bold and won't use any bbq sauce without whiskey in it, should learn about all the different types at whiskey-world.

Ready for a summer your taste buds will savor? Give this month’s RawSpiceBar recipes a try.  Share your creations with us on Instagram, and follow along for tasty tips and tricks.

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