Three Reasons a Subscription Will Be Any Couple’s Favorite Wedding Gift

Wedding season is here and like many of us I'm sure you are struggling with the age-old, worry-fraught question: What should I get them for their wedding?

We would argue there’s a single, simple answer to all these question: buy them a subscription. But what kind of subscription will break through the sea of sameness and go down as a truly great wedding gift? We think there are three things to look for: 

  1. Something they can experience together.
    Research from the University of Chicago shows that sharing experiences inherently brings people closer together.
  2. Something they’ll come back to, time and time again.
    The recurring nature of subscriptions ensures they will think of you, month in and month out. That’s more than you can say for the twelfth place setting…
  3. Something that helps establish the foundation of any great marriage: great food.
    The old proverb says that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but we’d update that to say that the way to a great marriage is through great cooking.

If your gift delivers on these three things, we think your gift will go down as one of the best. Happy Wedding Season! 

RawSpiceBar - Monthly Spice and Cooking Subscription

The couple that cooks together....
Monthly Spice Subscription

They will remember your gift every month as a new spice blend arrives that will expand their cooking skills and delight their palate. Customize the subscription by recipe preference, subscription duration and include a custom message.

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Let them choose Gift Card

Whether you are looking for a last minute gift or just not sure what they want, get them a RawSpiceBar gift card. Gift cards come in increments of $30, $60, $90 & $120. Customize your gift with a personalized message.

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