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Shichimi togarashi is a Japanese spice blend that brings out the clean, simple flavors of Japanese cooking. Red chiles & black peppercorns provide heat, while toasted sesame seeds, Pacific coast nori seaweed & California orange peel add a complex flavor dimension. Try using on grilled meats, soba noodles, udon, tempuras or sprinkled on top of rice or noodle dishes. Freshly ground in house in California & salt free. Get cooking with recipes for every diet: Shichimi Togarashi Recipes.

Black peppercorns, red chile flakes, garlic granules, freshly ground ginger root, Pacific coast nori, toasted white sesame seeds, toasted black sesame seeds, California orange zest

Shichimi Togarashi Recipes & Uses

Literally translating to "seven flavor chile pepper", shichimi togarashi is a Japanese spice blend that dates back to the 1600's and brings out the clean, simple flavors of Japanese cooking. We love this shichimi togarashi seasoning as a marinade for yakitori or grilled meats, added in rice bowls or soba or udon noodles. Some of our favorite shichimi togarashi recipes include use of fatty foods like broiled eel, tempuras. The Japanese spice blend nanami togarashi is closely related to shichimi togarashi, with a slightly different proportion of ingredients and a larger proportion of citrus zest. 


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Naturally tasty

This spice is a wonderful umami rich topping for as many cultural rice dishes that you can imagine. I would highly recommend it for those who enjoy homemade sushi, and rice dishes.

Shichimi togarashi

In several recipes, this is simply referred to as “Togarashi.” This surprised me with the amount of heat it contained which overpowers some of the delicate nature of the other spices t contains, but nonetheless, I found it useful in many things that I have made. Besides it’s use in Stir fries, I love it on veggies that I simply bake in the oven with olive oil. So far I have not tried it to season steaks or other meats as others suggest, but now I will! Overall, it rates all 5 stars!!!


Use on edamame, tastes great, spicy

Love RawSpiceBar's shichimi togarashi

I sprinkle on rice or add to the end of stir fries - just love it. Salt free helps too!

Totally authentic shichimi togarashi

The perfect addition to Japanese sticky rice.