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Chili Starter Blend

Chili Starter Blend
Colby Dunaway
A very spicy delicious chili blend

I am a chili aficionado, making chili every few weeks, always trying new spices and ingredients to make the perfect chili. This chili starter blend brings the heat and a deep flavor. If you like your chili spicy and hot, add this to your chili recipe.

Great gift

Was a Christmas gift for my sister and she loves it!

Spice Subscription Gift Card Redemption - 9 Months

I gave this as a gift and have been hearing good things from the recipients each month! I recommend this as a gift to anyone who enjoys cooking and likes to try new cuisines.

Pre-Paid Monthly Spice Subscription Gift - 12 Months

Hawaiian Blend
Road Home Quilting
just like grandma's

Exactly the taste I remember from a long lost family recipe. Thanks Raw Spice Bar, you always come through!

Great deal for a great product.

Got it as a gift

My dad purchased the 12 month sub for me for part of my Christmas present since I love cooking and trying new things.
My bf and I have absolutely enjoyed every spice that has been sent to us. We always use the recipe that it comes with first and then try our own because they provide you with enough spice for 2-3 meals!

Great gift

I gave this as a gift in a family gift exchange and the recipients loved it so much they got it for themselves when the gift subscription ran out.

Love it, but...

I have really enjoyed Rawspicebar but was disappointed in the declining absence of presentation. I understand there is a shortage of everything so just being able to get this once a month was great...But, unlike my first spice box (which came with recipes and other decorations), by the end,the deliveries were lacking in any sort of creative packaging. Not sure if I will re-subscribe but have enjoyed all of the wonderful spices.

Great gift

We love this for a gift for family and friends

Great value for a fun gift!

Got this for my Sister and Brother-in-Law for Christmas, and they've reported back that they loved every box they've received so far. As a newly married couple, they're always looking to try new foods to add to their rotation of recipes, and they've told me they love the variety of recipes, quality and quantity of spices they've received. I will almost definitely get this for them again next year, and possibly for other family members (and maybe myself!)

Great gift!

Wonderful packet of unique spices and recipes, so much fun to give and receive.

Xinjiang Blend
John Files
Bad review recant!!!

I left a bad review recently because for an order I placed I failed to put in the new address and the system automatically sent it to me. I saw it and replied and a very nice woman took the info and said it would be changed to the new address.
Then it came to me. And didn’t go to “him”. So I was annoyed and wrote a mean review and then reordered this time being much more careful to add the correct address like I should have the first time.
Then I got a refund notice. And then a second refund notice.
So I contacted them and asked what’s up and they said they saw my first review and looked into it and agreed they messed up so they weren’t charging me for either shipment.
I don’t get that kind of customer service in my world but would really like to. Consider me a lifelong customer who will now gift everyone I know for any occasion. Thanks RawSpiceBar!
By the way, xingjiang blend is the bomb! Buy some now!

Xinjiang Blend
John Files
Wrong address

I accidentally sent the order to myself instead of to my brother as a gift. I immediately responded to my order confirmation with the correct name and address and was told it would be corrected and shipped there. It came to me.

Greek Blend
Romelia Torres

very good flavor to my dishes

Fun Gift

A six month subscription was the perfect gift for a couple who love to cook. Great opportunity to try so new spices and learn about their origin. The give was very well received.

I bought the 6 month subscription as a gift, and it was the greatest gift idea ever! They love the surprise spice pack and love the recipe ideas. All the spice blends are incredible and the recipes are amazing. Highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys cooking and learning new meal ideas.

Great gift

I got the 6 month subscription for my boyfriend who was complaining that he didn't hav good seasonings. Now he has a great variety of seasonings and they all smell and taste so good!

Best gift to give

I bought the 12 month gift subscription as a Christmas gift for family and THEY LOVE IT! I get photos every month of the recipe they try with their new spice of the month. They get to try new things and I'm the best gift giver!

adds some great spice to our daily cooking

We received this as a gift and have enjoyed a little reminder every month to break us out of a rut. The spices are always fresh and strong, which helps make delicious dishes, like the lebkuchen buckwheat waffles we made over the winter holidays. Sometimes, like the ras el hanout, they're spices we can't buy locally (or easily online), and so experimenting has been fun--we made a ras el hanout orange cake. This was a lovely gift and I'm crossing my fingers that we get it again next year.

The Spice Subscription - 3 Months

What’s for supper?

This has been a magnificent way to try foods I would never be exposed to. Super straight forward recipes with mouth watering spices. It will make your meals something to remember!