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Have not received any shipment following the first month…


Ordered this subscription as a gift to my mother for Christmas and she’s been loving it. There was one odd issue with the delivery, only one month, where there was not adequate postage on the package and my mom had to go into the post office and pay the fee for missing postage. After some back and forth with customer service, they refunded the cost of the postage my mom had to pay as well as the spice packet for that month, which was wonderful. We haven’t had that issue since. Overall, would recommend! Good quality product and great customer service.

Great gift for someone who loves to cook!

We gifted a subscription to an employee who was leaving and she and her family loved to vegetarian spice subscription.

Great subscription!

I ordered this for my mom and she loved six months of trying new recipes and tasting new things. It was a great gift for someone who didn’t need anymore things.

Great product, but how do I cancel?

The order was a Christmas gift and I’m happy with the product, but I’m not clear if it’s going to renew automatically. I emailed to make sure it wouldn’t, but never got a response. Clearer communication regarding auto renewal and how to cancel auto renewal would be much appreciated.

Gift for my husband

He is a great chef and loves the RawSpice. Such wonderful meals. Great gift.

Great gift

I gave a year subscription to my son-in-law for his birthday. He says he’s liking it so far. Even my daughter and the grandkids like what he makes.

Wonderful subscription9!

I throughly enjoyed receiving my spices. The recipes were a wonderful addition to the subscription. I will renew!

Much loved subscription!

Got this for my parents for Christmas. Every month they text me RAVING about these spices. They are delicious and have pushed them to make fun dinners they wouldn't otherwise have made! 5 stars.

An Excellent Introduction

This beginner package is perfectly balanced flavors enlivens any kitchen, and leads to an increased focus in household ‘cuisine’ as wedge into more ambitious dining and gustatory enjoyment. Great gift idea.

Nice but would appreciate updates

This was a gift subscription and seems to be delivered monthly but I have no updates on what is being delivered each month.

The Spice Subscription - 3 Months
Ray & Candace Bassett
How Much is Too Much Spice?

Fist off, I am not COMPLAINING!The spices we get are wonderful! My concern is: We "recently" renewed (6+ mos.+) membership. In that time we have received a total of 9/10 Spice packages. What is the "Shelf-life" on these spices?? TY!

My wife absolutely loved it and the recipes were fantastic

Chili Starter Blend

Chili Starter Blend

Chili Starter Blend
Colby Dunaway
A very spicy delicious chili blend

I am a chili aficionado, making chili every few weeks, always trying new spices and ingredients to make the perfect chili. This chili starter blend brings the heat and a deep flavor. If you like your chili spicy and hot, add this to your chili recipe.

Great gift

Was a Christmas gift for my sister and she loves it!

Spice Subscription Gift Card Redemption - 9 Months

I gave this as a gift and have been hearing good things from the recipients each month! I recommend this as a gift to anyone who enjoys cooking and likes to try new cuisines.

Pre-Paid Monthly Spice Subscription Gift - 12 Months

Hawaiian Blend
Road Home Quilting
just like grandma's

Exactly the taste I remember from a long lost family recipe. Thanks Raw Spice Bar, you always come through!

$36 - Amazon Prime Day Pack the Box Sale

Great deal for a great product.

Got it as a gift

My dad purchased the 12 month sub for me for part of my Christmas present since I love cooking and trying new things.
My bf and I have absolutely enjoyed every spice that has been sent to us. We always use the recipe that it comes with first and then try our own because they provide you with enough spice for 2-3 meals!

Great gift

I gave this as a gift in a family gift exchange and the recipients loved it so much they got it for themselves when the gift subscription ran out.

Love it, but...

I have really enjoyed Rawspicebar but was disappointed in the declining absence of presentation. I understand there is a shortage of everything so just being able to get this once a month was great...But, unlike my first spice box (which came with recipes and other decorations), by the end,the deliveries were lacking in any sort of creative packaging. Not sure if I will re-subscribe but have enjoyed all of the wonderful spices.