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Love this on my eggs in the morning

Good stuff!

Great 5 spice

Solid, fresh, high quality 5 spice- thanks for this

German Gingerbread!

I received German Gingerbread and Achiote Recado Rojo spice packs to try and my family loves them!! I added the German Gingerbread to my waffle recipe and wow, it makes them taste amazing! I used the Achiote Recado Rojo spice on skirt steak and made a delicious entrée my family went crazy for!! These spices are so fresh and taste fantastic!!!

deliciously fresh

i received a sample pack of the hickory smoked sea salt and the coco powder and they were amazing so fresh and delicious we used the smoked salt on steaks and also on pumpkin seeds and they were both amazing. the seasoning was so fresh and bold. i used the coco powder in frosting for cupcakes for our halloween party and the coco butter cream frosting was a big hit. it blended in nice and gave a great choclolate pop to the frosting. i am definatly planning to order again soon i am in love with the spice bar.

Great improvement

First time getting the quarterly instead of monthly. The amount of spices received and the variety are much improved. Love everything we've tried so far!

Miss old subscription format

I really miss the old monthly format. Smaller quantities and the recipe cards. I prefer having a recipe card vs using the computer or iPad. Not everyone likes to go online to find out more about their spices or via e-mail

great flavor

this is a great spice to add to your spice cabinet - full of flavor!

Fresh spices, oh the smell!

I was very pleased with my spice pack, they smelled so good I almost didn't want to cook with them! But I did, eventually, and the flavor was right on par with the smell. Recommending RSB to all my friends.

Spicey .

I like the different spices but some were way too spicy for me. I did use some of them and liked them. The really spicy ones I gave to my friend thanks

High quality spices

From our last order, the taco seasoning was used to make slow cooker cilantro lime chicken. It came out great! You could really taste the quality in the seasoning verses store brand taco powder!

Looking forward to my first shipment

Hope to receive soon.

Real pumpkin spice

I had no idea, that the flavor I associated with pumpki spice was wrong until I got this fresh ground blend. With the cooler months around now, I like to add this when cooling all the fall hard squash (acorn, butternut, pumpkin) it is also great as a seasoning when roasting the seeds which are also edible. Great spice combo blend.

Spices for cooking with apples

This blend of spices is perfect for any recipe you make apples with, because it eliminates measuring multiple ingredients to get this blend.

Cambodian Lemon Grass curry

Cambodian Lemon Grass curry lost all of it's "oomph" (i.e. flavor) by the time the dish was done.

Authentic berbere

This is authentic, fresh stuff. Used it for a few Ethiopian dishes- spicy!

Great for a laksa paste

Used this to make a laksa paste and chicken curry- was lovely!


I love the flavor of the spice pack! All are so delicious and once I tried one I could not wait to try another!

You gotta try this spice

Love this spice. Smoke not to hot , deep rich flavor. Made a pork shoulder taste like heaven

Baking blend mix

Love the different spice in the mix. I used the unpumpkin pie spice in my coffee.

My go to for roasted veggies

Love this lemony, herby spice blend

Awesome for kimchi

Picked these flakes up to make a kimchi recipe and now using on everything.

The good stuff..

This chipotle powder is hands down the best I've ever had.

Herby, Lemony, Spicy, love for everyday use!

This is my go to poultry seasoning- I use it for roasted chicken & turkey and easy breasts. You can definitely tell how fresh this stuff is! Love it.

This shichimi togarashi is hands down the best

I'm from Japan and hands down love this fresher stuff over the Japanese S&B version. In our household, we use shichimi togarashi right next to the salt & pepper- this is our absolute go to.

I've never tried sumac like this before

I guess the curing is much different than just drying, this is some of the best sumac I've ever tried.

This stuff is awesome!

Love this hatch green chile powder, added to zucchini bread recipe they had on the site for late summer. Will be reordering!

I got this for my mother as part of her Christmas present -- despite being the cheapest present, ...

So far three months worth of spices and recipes have arrived and we've been fortunate to be invited over for the dinners she makes with them. The spices/recipe for the pasole has become a family favorite (we made it gluten free and it was still outstanding) and March's Iranian spices made for a fun meal of unique flavors. The recipes are easy to follow and don't call for any hard to find ingredients. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys cooking.

Best present I have found in a long time.

I purchased the subscription for my wife for christmas, but part of the deal is I cook her the meal too. The packaging is beautiful. The recipies are straight forward and easy to follow, with ingredients that are relatively easy to find in local stores. I am by no means a culinary master, but the meals have turned out great. I will be renewing for sure!

Fun, practical gift idea.

Gifting to my mom!

If you're into food and cooking, the Raw Spice Bar is THE best gift going.

So much fun to see what will arrive and to try the recipes. We just cooked up a batch of the New Mexican Posole using one of January's spices, and it was outstanding. For the price, you just can't beat this as a gift.

Ordering as a bday gift for my foodie brother...

This sounds amazing, can't wait until he gets his first shipment!

Can't wait to give this as a gift to my dad.

He loves getting creative with different foods and spices!

I got this spice box for my mom last month and loved it!

She thoroughly enjoyed the variety of the spices within the box, and she is looking forward to receiving the next! However, the random variety of the themes are a bit off-putting, as my family is not a fan of Southern food and spices.

I received my first batch of your spices as a gift from my daughter..

Love the idea and have enjoyed my first recipe using them.the quality seems good and the amount is fair, although depending on which recipe i could see where maybe a little more might be needed.. i used them on pork ribs and found them very tasty.. recipes a nice touch also. packaging was good it kept them secure during shipping.looking forward to my next months shipment..

I received a subscription from my son and his wife for my birthday.

 My first was July's Jamaican Jerk Spices and it was great.  I loved the tacos, and the mango salsa, but I think my favorite were the banana fritters.  There werethings I might never have tried without this little push and gift.  Can't wait to try the Memphis Ribs Spices.  Thanks!

I got my mom a year subscription for Mother's Day.

So far it has been great!  We love trying new recipes each month.
I would like more recipe choices as I don't eat a lot of meat, but either the rest of the family eats the meal, we substitute ingredients, or we look to blogs for alternate recipes.  
My my mom just told me she wanted to extend her subscription.  I had already thought that I would be getting it for her again next Mother's Day.  For $6 a month, it's fantasic!
 So far it has been great!  We love trying new recipes each month.  
I would like more recipe choices as I don't eat a lot of meat, but either the rest of the family eats the meal, we substitute ingredients, or we look to blogs for alternate recipes.  
My my mom just told me she wanted to extend her subscription.  I had already thought that I would be getting it for her again next Mother's Day.  For $6 a month, it's fantasic!

I purchased this gift for my husband's birthday.

. June's Jamaican spice box was our first box and we loved it. We used the marinade for grilled shrimp and it came out delicious. July's Memphis spices were a nice combination but I found the rib rub a little too salty for my taste. My only complaint so far is that I wish more recipe options were available with the mailed spices (the website does show alternatives at a later date). I don't own an ice cream maker for July's dessert and don't really look forward to making it by hand. I agree with another review that it would be nice to be able to purchase more of our favorite spices. Overall, we love the spices and look forward to this treat in the mail every month. I think it's a great value and highly recommend it!

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
Can't wait

Definitely look forward to it.

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
Looking forward to my first shipment

Hope to receive soon.

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
Sounds good!

Look forward to trying it out.

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
Very excited to start our spice journey

We're psyched.

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
Excited to get my first one

Excited.. Love spices

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
Can't beat it.

For the price, quality, and variety this club is hard to beat if you like trying new things in the kitchen.

Monthly Spice Set Subscription

Can't wait to get my first box.

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
So excited for my first box!! I love spices....

Can't wait!

Monthly Spice Set Subscription

Looking good, excited to receive.

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
Cool beans

Having a ton of fun in the kitchen.

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
Can't wait!

Highly recommend!

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
The March Persian Spice Box was awesome.

Saffron was wonderful and the spices so rich and robust. There is definitely a difference on spices which I had never really thought of. The small batches make them so much fresher than ones you get at the store, this service has truly opened my eyes to spices and their flavors. I will definitely be a customer for life. I highly recommend that everyone try this service it is affordable and so tasty, spice up your life.

Monthly Spice Set Subscription
Awesome :)

Having fun with the recipes!