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The spices look wonderful, but I was under the impression that the spices came with recipes. Please explain. Thank you

Awesome Spices and Great Customer Service

I have to say first that the customer service is fabulous. I have had some issues and they have been immediately addressed to my satisfaction. The spices are fresh and delicious, and the combinations have helped me to expand my cooking skills and palate. Just love it!

LOVE the idea but very few recipes

They used to send recipe cards with the spices and since going to quarterly shipments, I haven’t received any recipe cards and have a hard time finding anything on their website. Finding myself not using the spices now. Part of what I loved about this company was the recipes included to take the guesswork out.

Great Spices!

Love the spices - they are fresh and flavorful. Love the pouches, too! They take up so much less room in my cabinet. Wish some of the spice blends came with recipes, though!

I LOVE this company!

Raw Spice Bar is an innovative, low cost high-quality company that has one of the greatest products. I've learned so much about spices from other countries and have challenged myself to cook at least two new meal a month. This has definitely increased my love for all foods. It's always a pleasant surprise each month.

Excellent quality spices

Worth trying out! Spices are of excellent taste and quality. I enjoy trying out new recipes and these spices are an excellent addition!

Completely worth it!

My husband and I tend to buy the same proteins and veggies ALL of the time, so I ordered the quarterly kits so we can mix up the flavors of our usuals. Love it so far!! It's even making my steak-and-potato husband expand his tastes! I thought the spice brands I grew up with were the best on the market until I tried theses spices. A tiny bit packs a TON of flavor, so be warned! If you're adventurous, please give this a try!

Beautiful spices, miss the recipes

The spices are wonderful and I love the surprise. I signed up for the monthly package and was disappointed when the subscription changed to quarterly. There were no recipes included and we received a pumpkin pie and gingerbread spice kits in a row.

Spices fine; options and website sour taste

While the spices I got were fresh and well packaged in small packs, I had no opportunity to provide input to my selection. As a result there are only a few spices of interest to me. I don't like fennel, I don't drink coffee (Hawaij Coffee), I don't like gingerbread (German Gingerbread). After 35 days of receiving these and looking at the website and recipes, my wife who gave me the gift, found and pushed me to make the chicken Ras El Hanout. It was very good. I will use the remainder of the Ras in their lamb tagine recipe substituting pork. So the spices are great but I'd actually thought I'd ordered monthly rather than quarterly, we both thought recipes actually came with the spices. It's ok that they are only online but the way the website is constructed searching for spice info and recipes is not as user friendly as it could be. So although the subscription might be fun, you might do better to just pick out spices individually that interest you until at least they figure out a way you can influence the spices they send willy nilly.

Smaller quantities, recipe cards and more mainstream selections

I love the idea, but preferred the monthly mailing and smaller quantity with the recipe cards. I think some of the selections were too exotic for my taste, although I'm happy to experiment and will try anything, many of these combinations were just too crazy spicy or odd. How about some simple combos or single spices/herbs, like a wonderful oregano, or an unusual basil or some smoked paprika?

This cinnamon packs a punch!

Love it! I have never used a cinnamon so aromatic.

Got as a gift

I received this subscription as a Christmas present - and I couldn't wait to get started. It is almost 1 month now and I am almost out of the first delivery of spices! They are fresh and delicious. The smell is intoxicating and my family is thrilled with all the great meals coming out of my kitchen.

Kampot peppercorns

Kampot peppercorns are the real deal. I’m so happy to find them at the Rawspicebar.

Great gift.

I received the gift subscription as a Christmas gift this year. My first pack came quickly which helped keep the holiday cheer alive. The amount of each spice is reasonable to try a few dishes and the quality it certainly high. I will say though, since it confused my gift-giver, you should know a “6 month subscription” will get you 2 shipments since it is a quarterly service.

I look forward to my second pack.

Fun, Different Tastes

I received this as a gift and am enjoying trying some different flavors. I am a bit adventurous in my cooking so this was a great idea.


I gave an annual subscription to friends and they are thrilled with the spices that have come so far!


These spices are so tasty! I’m so glad we started using Raw Spice Bar!

So good

This has to be the best tasting paprika that i have ever tasted. Its sweet and savory at the same time. Will get again!

Asafoetida Powder
Highly recommended.

Great product and fast delivery. Will buy again.

Great product

I really like the product but the recipes are sent in newsletters which is a bit confusing. The spices themselves are great and high quality.

Great incentive

To try new things. The spices are fresh, easy to use and create delicious recipes. I gave this as a gift and the process for setting that up is tedious to say the least, wish the price wasn’t shown and that recipes were emailed out in a news letter. Otherwise very happy with this service.

Just getting started

I am just getting going on my spice adventure. I am off to a good start,but have a ways to go. I had trouble with one of the recipes, which I followed, but didn’t work. Still tasted good, but did not look anything like the picture. I would like to see more recipes with a search by ingredient system. I know what I have, but to put that with the right spice doesn’t work for me. I seem to usually be trying to use up ingredients. I do not usually figure what to have, then shop. I live in a fairly small town, so only get to a large grocery every couple weeks.

Complicated ordering system.

I had a hard time figuring out how to buy the gifts and then get the to my friends.
The process is awkward. Please simplify it.
And until reading the above review, I did not know that my giftees have to give their credit care info to get their gift. That seems intrusive!
I have not heard if they have used their gift.


Received my anxiously awaited shipment. Packed well...started out impressed. Then I go on line to look for recipes to match my spice blends. Out of six blends I could find recipes for only one. Hugely disappointed

great present!

Got a gift card for my mom as a Christmas present- worked great! A bit of a hassle because they make you enter a credit card for the subscription (even though she had a gift card for the amount), but the card was never charged and I confirmed with the company that it never would be. First shipment has come in and the spices smell great!
Company was great at responding and good customer service, only thing I would change is if a customer has a gift card for the full amount, don't make them enter credit card info!

so far so good.

Although we have only had one shipment so far we are really enjoying the spice box!
The main reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because I was so surprised that they didn't include recipes or recipe ideas to go along with the spices. That being said I feel like we made the most of them and it definitely has forced us out of cooking comfort zone. I would recommend to any friend and think this would be a great gift for Mother's Day.

Winter spices

My comment is not to the excellent quality of the spices but being these are new spice blends for me, it would help to know what to use these on (vegetables or meat). I just experiment with different things based on the scent of the blend. This last one had two packets with different seeds ( one was fennel seeds whic I assume will add an anise flavor and another was a blend with sesame seeds). I have to avoid using these for anything I cook for my son as he is allegic. Best part of this kit was the gingerbread mix


Fennel pollen is a whole new experience especially if you like fennel. It’s fragrent and tasty. I have used it in salads and as a seasoning for chicken. I will try fish next!

Haven't used yet

Unfortunately haven't had a chance to use due to holidays. Hope to use it soon!

Spices around the world.

I like the different type of spice to use in my cooling.

Whoa, Spicy!

I tried a few of these bbq spice rubs and was sent into Flavor Town! The freshness and robust flavors can't be beat. You have to be careful if you can't handle a lot of spice. The jerk and Memphis rubs are my favorites so far. I can't wait to use them at my next cookout to wow my guests.


so many spices, so little time! I can't give 5 starts bc i honestly have not had a chance to use any spices since I received them (holiday time)...i hope to in the new year :)
I was very impressed with the packaging and have shared your website with several friends :)
suggestion- include at least one (the most popular?) recipe or suggestions for use for each spice is overwhelming with number of spices and recipes.

First TIme Order!

I really enjoyed my first quarterly package of spices. I have used a few of the packets in recipes and looking forward to creating some meals with the other packs. The recipes online are very helpful for those of us that are not use to cooking with premade spice blends. My only negative would be that I think the packaging of the quarterly kits could be a bit better. The plain brown envelope those cost feasible for a company is just not completing the experience with the WOW factor.

Waiting to see

I got the 6 spices I ordered immediately but had to email to get the subscription info for the 6 month club. I did hear back quickly with the subscription info. It's a Christmas present so have not had a chance to see if the subscription works as advertised.

A new spice is always nice

I enjoy trying out new spices in the kitchen. I received Punjabi Garam Masala recently from RawSpiceBar. My husband suggested that I use it in a dry rub for steaks. Guess what? He was right! It was a welcome surprise to my taste buds. With cumin, coriander, and black peppercorns among other ingredients, the spice was perfect for steaks. RawSpiceBar's quarterly subscription allows me to try spices that I would not normally buy.

Great Subscription

I think that this is such a great and unique subscription. I recieved this to try and I just love them. Their taco blend was amazing and didnt make the tacos greesey like others do. And their greek seasoning was fantastic in my homemade meatballs.

Love it

I received this one month spice kit to try and I absolutely loved them. They tasted so fresh and added great flavor.

Fam, this is an excellent gift idea!

Ordered the annual subscription for my adventurous cook boo. The first quarter was such a lovely mix of global blends and solo spices. Most of them boo hadn't even heard of! Culinary adventures abound! Plus, shipping was quick, gift options are abundant (you can do subscriptions or send friends gift cards so they can choose their spices), and the site is quite helpful. Thanks, Raw Spice Bar, keep on keeping on.

Best Masala

Really brilliant quality, you need only a little to get maximum flavour out of it! Used it on my chicken and even to roast veggies, added the perfect flavour to everything we made! Brilliant product! A must try

Great saffron, perfect size

Perfect for what I needed


What a great well balanced flavor. This is gotta have for pork green chili and all soups and egg dishes

Good products

Everything seems fine...kind of small portions.

Best gift ever!

I give this subscription annually to my best friend and sister. The spices and recipes are amazing. The packaging is beautiful and they both love getting a monthly surprise in the mail. This is the perfect present for the foodie in your life. Thank you Raw Spice Bar!

Very Good

This subscription service is very interesting and new. I like the idea of trying out new, natural blends. I enjoy the weekly, personalized recipes I receive in my email. The bags are a really good size and the prices is very reasonable.

Awesome blend of fresh chiles

This is great

Hard to find high quality ancho powder

Used to make a mole sauce and loved this with chicken.

Great brisket rub for beef

Used it as a brisket rub for beef in the slow cooker- turned out great

Real Mexican ceylon cinnamon!

Good quality

Awesome spices for jerk wings


Good corned beef spices

Liked these spices