Thanks for your interest in working with us!

We are looking forward to a ongoing relationship.

We like to send a global spice blend of your choice for the following exchange.

1. To use, showcase & talk about our blends and brand in at least 1 Instagram, Tik Tok or Youtube Post or Reel.
2. Please tag us @rawspicebar and share our website (Remember you get commission on sales).
3. Please post within 2 weeks of receiving the blend.
4. If the content performs well we would love to send more blends or even give you a free monthly blend subscription for a year to keep the collaboration going. Please choose a spice blend from our website that you would like to try!

(For larger influencers we are open to talking about making custom blends for you for free!)

You can check out 1 blend of your choice completely free just use your unique code: Afluencer88 (Currently we are not shipping internationally)

You can also sign up to our affiliate program where you get 20% of all sales you generate. - Share a sale sign up


If you have any questions please email

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