Rawspicebar frequently 

asked questions

What is a monthly global spice blend subscription?

Our spice blend subscription is a monthly delivery of a freshly packed two-ounce spice blend paired with a seasonally appropriate recipe. Subscription customers receive a monthly email newsletter highlighting the origin, history, and cuisine of the blend. We also include a printed seasonal recipe that highlights the flavors of the spice blend.

Does the monthly spice blend subscription auto-renew?

Except for our gift subscription, our spice blend subscriptions automatically renew. You can cancel anytime, and we have a very liberal refund policy. If you are unhappy at any time with our product or service we will refund your order, no questions asked.

How does a gift subscription differ from a regular subscription?

Just like our other monthly spice subscription plans, a gift subscription is mailed every month to your gift recipient with a recipe and access to our exclusive newsletter.  We include a gift card and email with a personalized note from you in the first shipment to let them know what they are getting and who sent it. 

Except for the month-to-month plan, these subscriptions do not automatically renew. 

Do I need to choose which blend I want every month?

No you don't need to pick your blend every month.  The Rawspicebar spice subscription is like a guided culinary tour, where we prepare the blend, the recipes along with additional content about the blend and the part of the world it comes from.  Sit back, relax and get ready to cook up some amazing flavorful food.  

How many spice blends do you get every month?

We send one 2 oz packet of spice blend every month.  This allows us to focus on that blend and dive into its flavors, the part of the world it comes from and seasonal recipes to cook with.

When can I expect my spices every month?

We ship out our monthly recurring subscription orders around the 10th of the month.  New subscriptions received after the 10th of the month and before the end of the month will ship that month.  New subscriptions orders received prior to the 10th will ship with the other subscriptions on or just after the 10th.