• What is a spice blend subscription? 
    • Our spice blend subscription is a monthly delivery of a freshly packed two-ounce spice blend paired with a seasonally appropriate recipe. Subscription customers receive a monthly email newsletter highlighting the origin, history, and cuisine of the blend. We also include a printed seasonal recipe that highlights the flavors of the spice blend. 
    • Does the spice blend subscription automatically renew? 
      • Yes, our spice blend subscriptions automatically renew, but you can cancel any time. We also have a very liberal refund policy. If you are unhappy at any time with our product or service we will refund your order, no questions asked. 
      • Do I get to pick my spice blends each month? 
        • No, every month we create a blend that is seasonally appropriate and pair it with a proprietary recipe that highlights that blend. We are always looking at ways to make your experience better though, so let us know if you’d like to be able to choose your own blend. 
        • What makes your spice blends different? 
          • Unlike many store brands, we blend and pack our spices within 60 days of shipping. This means our spice blends are fresher, resulting in a more vibrant flavor. 
          • What is a spice blend subscription gift? 
            • This is a gift version of the spice blend subscription. We send an email to the recipient letting them know who sent the subscription and include a customizable gift message.  
            • Do the spice blend subscription gifts automatically renew? 
              • No, the pre-paid (3 Month, 6 Month, 9 Month & 12 Month) gift subscriptions do not renew. However, the month-to-month gift subscription will be renewed until canceled. 
              • How is a spice blend subscription gift different from a gift card? 
                • The spice blend subscription gift is a subscription that is sent right away and does not require the recipient to do anything to activate their subscription. A gift card is a credit that can be applied to a subscription or other products of their choice. 
                • Do you ship internationally?
                  • Yes, we ship to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, and most of western Europe. 
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