Mojito Simple Syrup

We're always a little leery of "beverage mixers" that tend to overpromise, but in the case of Portland Syrups' Mojito Simple Syrup we found one of the ultimate cheat codes. Add a slice of lime, a sprig of mint, and a club soda topper and you have pure Cuban-inspired refreshment.

Mojito Cheat Code, Made In Portland
Ultimate Paloma Mix

Speaking of cocktail cheat codes, this is another one that surprised us this year. Fruity, refreshing, and a phenomenal shortcut when you don't have time to squeeze grapefruit, this makes a great gift for the paloma fan in your life. Made with care by the folks at American Spoon.

American Spoon Paloma Mix
A New View Into the Jigger

Have you ever wished you could look straight down into a jigger and know exactly how much you had poured into it? Well we hadn't really either, until we tried this little beauty from Oxo. It makes blending great drinks easy, and makes a great gift.

Oxo Angled Jigger