Everyday I'm Trufflin

This stuff is flat out bonkers good. Made with truffles from the south of France, it elevates anything it touches. Introduce somebody to it!

Families Know Best

Based on an authentic family recipe, Bachan's resides right next to Sriracha in our 'fridge as a go-to sauce. Their gift packs include all four flavors and ship free.

Bachan's Japanese Barbecue Sauce
Attracts People Like Flies

Oh, how we love the flavor of the Sichuan chili sauce made by Jing Gao. Inspired by the deep flavors of her hometown and its famous "fly" restaurants that are so good they attract diners like flies, Jing decided to put the flavors of her upbringing in a jar. We are so glad she did!

Fly By Jing