White Pepper vs. Black Pepper

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There is more than one type of pepper. Know the primary differences to use them effectively while cooking.

A dish is never complete without its seasonings and spices. Pepper, one of the oldest spices in the world, is always a household and restaurant favorite. It was common in ancient healing practices back then due to its healing properties. Now, it’s used in almost all dishes that you can think of.

Some people choose between black or white pepper purely for aesthetic purposes, depending on where it blends in better. Aside from how they look, there are other primary differences between the two. Improve your cooking by knowing how they compare to each other.

Key Differences to Consider

Health Benefits Peppers are healthy for the body because of many different reasons. Black pepper improves digestion, boosts metabolism, and helps weight loss. Individuals use it for the common cold and cough because it aids mucous flow.

In comparison, white pepper prevents the formation of free radicals. Regular intake of white pepper will enhance appetite and also treat constipation.

Flavor The difference in flavors is a huge factor when cooking dishes. White pepper generally has a more pronounced spice, but it gives off an earthier flavor. Black pepper, on the other hand, gives is hotter in the mouth.

Some people feel comfortable substituting them with one another in recipes. However, that will greatly alter the overall flavor of the meal, so think twice about it.

Shelf Life White pepper has a shorter shelf life compared to black peppers where the flavor lasts longer. If a recipe calls for white pepper, it’s better to use fresh ones. It may be unknowingly stale otherwise.

Buying whole peppercorns also affect how long it will last. Whole black peppercorns can last for a year while ground pepper will only last for several months.

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