The Battle of the Barbecue

What do basketball and barbecue have in common? Everyone believes that their side is the best. In the case of basketball, it’s often UNC versus Duke. In the case of barbecue, it’s east versus west. No matter who you side with, however, one thing is clear: the Battle of the Barbecue is a competition so heated that it can put the hottest grill to shame.

Nice to Meat You

You’ve heard of the phrase “every part of the buffalo,” but have you heard “every part of the pig except the squeal?” Whole-hog barbecuing, also known as Eastern North Carolina barbecuing, finely chops and seasons every piece of the pig to perfection with vinegar, salt, and/or sugar for a tangy, spicy, sweet finish that is anything but boar­-ing (badum-tss). 

Travel on over to Western North Carolina, and you’ll experience a different culinary crusade. Western North Carolina barbecue – or Lexington-style barbecue thanks to its Lexington, North Carolina, origins – only uses the shoulder of the pig. Western North Carolina also mixes tomato or ketchup with vinegar for a dipping sauce that makes for some squealin’-good eats.  

A Recipe Made in (Hog) Heaven

No matter your barbecue preference, our RawSpiceBar Sweet Carolina Dry Rub can unify the masses around what turns a good barbecue into a great one. A sweet, savory blend of granulated raw sugar, paprika, black pepper, onion powder, and more, this month’s dry rub will give you a new-found love for your grill, barbecue meals, and knowledge of an American summertime staple. 

How will you put your Sweet Carolina Dry Rub to use? Share your meals with us on Instagram and follow along for tasty tips and tricks. 

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