North Carolina Barbecue: My Way Or the Highway

Nearly everyone in North Carolina will agree that barbecue is a mealtime staple. However, pigs will fly before everyone agrees on the best way to cook barbecue. For many, this conjures up whole-hog versus shoulder and vinegar- versus ketchup-based sauces. But the real competition heats up at the grill. 

Bring on the Heat

Direct cooking is prominent in Western Carolina-style barbecue, placing the meat directly above the flame for a crisp, slightly charred outside and tender, juicy inside. Fast and trusted, this cooking method is a speedy way to a mouthwatering meal. 

To keep that healthy competition alive, Eastern Carolina-style barbecue believes that the best meats are heated via indirect heat, or pit cooking, that slowly cooks large pieces of meats with hot air instead of running the risk of burning the outside to a crisp. It may not be fast, but to East Carolina barbecue masters, slow and steady wins the taste race. 

Un-Grill-Lievably Good Eats

Whether you side with Eastern Carolina, Western Carolina, or your hands are hogtied on picking a favorite barbecue style, you will feel like an official barbecue grill master with our RawSpiceBar Sweet Carolina Dry Rub. A blend of granulated raw sugar, paprika, black pepper, onion powder, and more summer-inspired spices, this dry rub is a must-have addition to the grilling season.  

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