How to Use Herbs de Provence

An Herb of All Trades

They say that a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. We couldn’t agree more. Offering a cornucopia of cuisine versatility, Herbs de Provence effortlessly enhances any meal with its aromatic, savory nature. And we mean any meal.  

The Delicious Taste of Versatility

Every diet, taste, and cuisine preference has room for interpretation when it comes to Herbs de Provence. Perfect on chicken, lamb, fish, and vegetables, our Herbs de Provence can season just about any meal But why stop there? Whisk your new blend into sauces, soups, and dipping sauces to knock your taste buds out of the water or season the coals of your grill for a smokey, fragrant flavor unlike any other.

You’ve heard of Michelin Stars reserved for exceptional dining, but have you heard of the Label Rouge for exceptional products? The Label Rogue quality mark certifies that a product establishes a superior level to a similar product. Herbs de Provence earns this title when it is exactly 27 percent savory, 27 percent oregano, 27 percent rosemary, and 19 percent thyme. This careful balance of flavors lets you enjoy deeply delectable dishes each time you step into the kitchen. 

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