A Lesson in Louisiana

Home to delicious food, exciting celebrations, and jazz music that will make even the self-proclaimed non-dancers do a little shimmy, Louisiana is a hub for vibrant culture. And while said culture has grown exponentially since Louisiana’s founding, we can credit much of what we see today to one of the “first families” of the state: The Creoles.

With a mix of African American, Native American, French, and Spanish heritage that can be traced back 300 years in Louisiana, the roots of Creole culture run deep through the great Bayou State. You can especially see Creole culture come to life through unique terms and phrases, architecture that features asymmetrical floor plans and a lack of interior hallways for a “shot gun” feel, religious celebrations like All Saints Day, festivals like Mardi Gras, and culinary experiences that will make you dream of your next meal. Speaking of meals…

Let the Good Times (Shrimp) Roll

Native to Louisiana or not, you have most likely experienced the mouth-watering culinary culture inspired by those “first families”. Unlike their Cajun counterparts who were limited to what the countryside of Louisiana had to offer in terms of ingredients for recipes, Creoles were in the bustling city of New Orleans and, therefore, had easy access to spices, herbs, and other tantalizing ingredients that make up iconic dishes that we know and love today. That is why Creole recipes often have a tomato base (an ingredient easily imported from Sicily), and Cajun meals do not.

Get Creative with Creole

With so many delicious Creole meals out there for the tasting, we are excited to bring the tantalizing taste of Louisiana cuisine into your home with RawSpiceBar’s Creole Blend. A spicy mix of garlic powder, sweet paprika, thyme, and bay leaf, our Creole blend can be used to make classic dishes like One Pot Shrimp Creole, Vegetarian Dirty Rice and Beans, and more. No matter what you cook, March’s spice blend will instantly transport you to the Bayou State with each bite.

How will you put your Creole Blend to use? Share your meals with us on Instagram, and follow along for tasty tips and tricks. 

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