Sumac Spice - Turkish - Cured
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Sumac spice, with its deep purple red color, has long been used as a flavoring ingredient in Persian cooking and more broadly, throughout the Middle East and Europe. Sumac is a berry that comes from a small shrub. This naturally organic ground sumac comes in a flakey powder and originates from Gaziantep, Turkey, where instead of being dried, it is chopped and packed in salt to preserve the flavor.

Sumac Recipes & Cooking Tips

The bright acidity of sumac spice bring out a citrusy, herb and tart dimension to any dish. We love including sumac seasoning in zingy lemon dressing, hummus, fattoush or on chicken, fish or any dish needing a citrus burst. As always, buy sumac in small batches for about 3-4 months of use before replenishing. 

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