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These delicate saffron threads are famous for their vibrantly golden hue. Shipped as whole saffron strands, for grinding by hand before use. How much saffron is produced by each flower? The numbers are dizzying: it takes over 4,600 flowers (14,000 stigmas) to produce just one ounce of saffron.  Saffron will only successfully grow in extreme climates with a dry, hot summer and cold winter. The best saffron is primarily grown in Iran, Afghanistan, Spain, France, Greece and Kashmir.  Our saffron is harvested from an Afghanistan women's co-op. Get cooking with recipes for every diet: Saffron Threads recipes

High Quality Saffron Threads

These pure, saffron threads are sourced from Afghanistan co-op and has been rated the #1 Afghan high grade saffron spice the last 3 years by the International Taste & Quality Institute, and tested in accordance with ISO Standard 3632 at an outstanding rating of 236. Top grade saffron has a deep red color with stigmas about 1/2” long.

Saffron is graded by the International Standard Organization (I.S.O.) based on color, flavor and aroma content. The ISO classifies saffron into four grades, with Category I being highest and this having the highest market price. This is truly the best resource for where to buy saffron threads. 

How to Use Saffron Threads

Steep 1-2 strands to flavor an entire pot of saffron rice, or add to risottos, pilafs or vegetable dishes for a beautiful color & flavor.  A good rule of thumb is to use about three strands a person. There are approximately 463 threads (3/8” to ½” in length) per gram of saffron so 1 gram would yield approximately 150 servings. Net weight of 0.5 grams include about 250-300 saffron threads. 

Saffron Around the World

Saffron is also known as rose of saffron, crocus, and hay saffron.  In other languages, saffron is called za-faran (Arabic), fan huang hua (Mandarin), safran (French and German), zaaffran/kesar (Hindi), safuran (Japanese), acafrao (Portuguese), shafran (Russian) and azafran (Spanish).

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