Madras Curry Powder - Indian - Salt Free
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Madras curry powder has an earthier, milder version compared to others. With a turmeric base, cassia and fenugreek for an earthy sweetness, plus red chiles for heat. Salt free and freshly ground in house. Use for slow cooked lentils, dahls and vegetable curries or sprinkle onto curried potato salad or tuna salad for a kick. Get cooking with our recipes below: Madras Curry Powder recipes.

Turmeric, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, cassia, green cardamom, black peppercorns, Kashmiri chiles, curry leaves

Madras Curry Powder Recipes & Cooking Tips

Madras curry originated from the south of India and gets its name from the city of Madras. The difference between Madras curry and standard curry is the heat. While spice blends differ from person to person, Madras curry tends to have more of a kick to it.

Madras curry is usually darker and redder in color as one significant addition to the blend is ground chili peppers. Madras curry has an earthy fragrance from the combination of spices and it can be tweaked and adjusted according to one’s personal preference. When to use Madras Curry vs Curry Powder Both of these spice blends can be used when a recipe calls for curry powder, although if you prefer spicier food, Madras curry can be used exclusively. On the other hand, sticking to regular curry powder is recommended if you’re new to using this ingredient or if you have a low spice tolerance.

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Enjoying cooking with spices

This was a great way to try some new spices as I explore the uses of spices I am not familiar with. I am enjoying RawSpiceBar products so far


have not yet used this one!

Favorite curry

This has been my favorite curry for decades. It's not too hot and very flavorful. Had a hard time finding it in local stores so turned to RawSpiceBar when it popped up my facebook! Great choice!

Curry powder for baked potatoes

Good flavor. Have really enjoyed this curry powder on my baked potatoes and vegan stews and chilis.


Best curry powder on the market! I۪m an excellent cook and this product is fantastic!