Turmeric Golden Paste for Dogs
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Add this superfood to your dog's raw diet. Golden turmeric paste for dogs is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and has a whole host of other benefits, thanks to its main compound, curcumin. Inspired by the renowned Australian vet, Doug English.

DIRECTIONS: Begin by feeding 1/8th teaspoon twice a day for the first week with food. The following week, feed 1/4 teaspoon twice a day with food. Each week you can increase up to 1 teaspoon twice per day until desired effects are noticed.  Keep refrigerated.

1/2 teaspoon twice a day = 8 ounces will last 48 days
1 teaspoon twice a day = 8 ounces will last 24 days  


Oil and fats 13.75%
Protein 1.7%
Fibre 4.6%
Ash 1.7%
Moisture 68%

Ingredients: water, turmeric, cold pressed coconut oil, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), ceylon cinnamon, black pepper, citric acid, potassium sorbate.  

TURMERIC - organic, non-irradiated turmeric, with curcumin levels have varied between 6.5% and 9.8%
COCONUT OIL - cold pressed and organic coconut oil
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR- includes compounds such as quercetin
BLACK PEPPER - freshly ground black peppercorns
CEYLON CINNAMON - true ceylon cinnamon


WARNING - Do not give to dogs taking anti-inflammatory medication, blood thinners or chemotherapy drugs

Customer Reviews

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Great product, ease of use

Great to be able to buy this convenient pack of golden paste. So far so good for my dog using it too.

Easy to use turmeric paste for dogs

I cannot comment on the effectiveness of this product as yet as my dog hasn't been taking it for very long, but it is easy to administer and he seems to like the taste of it! As you only need a very small amount, it is great value for money. The in-depth knowledge and expertise of the staff is second to none and really helped me when purchasing this item.

High quality golden paste

Have only been using the golden paste a short while, there were no issues with feeding it to both dogs.

High quality product

Easy and good to use

Great product

Easy to use pouch. I have seen such an improvement in my dog.