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This freshly ground, salt free creole seasoning has been heavily influenced by French, Spanish & Southern cultures.  Use in gumbo, fish, tater tots, cole slaw, rice & beans, jambalaya, baked fries, crawfish or pretty much any cut of meat for a Louisiana flavor kick! 

Sweet paprika, oregano, rubbed sage, bay leaves, thyme, white peppercorns, black peppercorns, onion, garlic, celery seeds


Creole Seasoning Recipes & Cooking Tips

Use in gumbo, fish, tater tots, cole slaw, rice & beans, jambalaya, baked fries, crawfish or pretty much any cut of meat for a Louisiana flavor kick!

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I've been buying this for YEARS, but cannot find one where I live now. So took time to find online shop and yehaa- RawSpiceBar has it! It is an excellent addition to ANY dish! Spice up steamed veggies, add it to the top of egg or chicken salad, add it to your eggs, add it to a roast or your choice of cut of meat for the grill or crockpot. I also use it to make cajun sweet pickles! YUMMMMOOO!!!


This blend is great for taking everything to the next level, my kitchen will never be without either.


Love this seasoning, but a word to the wise... Even the one that is not labeled as hot can be hot if you put too much on your wings. Very good flavoring and I have now used it on several different foods. Will definitely reorder or subscribe to RawSpiceBar.


I was given this seasoning by a family member, and I figured it was just a goof. Holy Moly was I wrong!!! I use it all the time, a little sprinkle on shrimp, chicken, etc. Just a really damn good seasoning. I just purchased this two pack and I'm planning to buy more.


It is my go to for chilli that my wife makes that has great flavor but no heat (so the kids cann eat it) so this is the perfect addition. Between this and crushed red peper I have been able to greatly limit my raw salt shaker usage, so for me this is a healthy alternative. :-)