Achiote Powder
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Mexican freshly ground achiote powder with annatto seeds and spices provide a woodsy, earthy flavor with a hint of spicy sweetness. We love this blend on everything from grilled chicken wings, arroz con pollo, tamales to certain stews and bean dishes. 

Annatto seeds, spices

Achiote Recipes & Cooking Tips

We love using this achiote blend as a marinade or dry spice rub for grilled meat or mixed with oil to brush onto seafood.

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The end product was wonderful.

Less spices in package than expected, was not able to double the recipe. Instructions written poorly. Once cooked, instructions says should shred, which it did nicely. However, then it says 'Remove pork from GRILL" What grill. The recipe instruction card shows Chicken Red. Final dish was not red Front of card 'The Yucatan Flavor Kit" says you have tons of recipes for this spice for shrimp,etc, where are those recipes I love the concept and the products, so far, however, there was just not enough product this month. Looking forward to next month's delivery.

Good quality spices

I received German Gingerbread andAchioteRecado Rojo spice packs to try and my family loves them!! I added the German Gingerbread to my waffle recipe and wow, it makes them taste amazing! I used theAchioteRecado Rojo spice on skirt steak and made a delicious entr_e my family went crazy for!! These spices are so fresh and taste fantastic!!!