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A Guide to Your Favorite Spice Sets & Gifts

From North India's hot & spicy tandooris & curries, to the dahls and sweets of South India, spices are synonymous with Indian cuisine. In Indian cooking, spices are not merely used to make food taste good. Here, spices serve a more holistic, harmonious purpose. Cinnamon and chiles warm the body, while green cardamom cools. Fenugreek seeds reduce bloating. Garam masala, one of India's most well-known spice blends, is a mix of warming spices like cumin and cinnamon and coolin spices, like coriander and green cardamom. These combinations help to transform simple rice or dal into a beautiful, deeply flavorful dish that is meant to help the whole body. 

Most of our Indian herbs and spices are naturally organic. Don't see the right list of India spices to buy on our online store? Get in touch with our spice house and we'll find it for you! Get cooking delicious, traditional and authentic Indian dishes - with plenty of recipes and recipe ideas using spice of India on our blog.


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