Mexican Spices

The best Mexican spices go way beyond chili powder, cayenne pepper and cumin. From achiote and mole spices to freshly ground chiles, get cooking with this round up of the best Mexican spices!

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A Guide to Mexican Spices

From Mexico's hot & spicy pulled pork, to the tacos and street foods throughout the country, spices are synonymous with Mexican cuisine. In Mexican cooking, spices are not merely used to make food taste good. Here, spices are a central part of the dish. Cinnamon and chiles add heat, while roasted cumin adds depth. Chili powder, one of Mexico's most well-known spice blends, is a mix of freshly ground Mexican spices and chiles, like guajillo, New Mexico and ancho. These chili combinations create serious depth and flavor. 

Most of our Mexican spices are naturally organic. Don't see the right list of Mexican spices to buy on our online store? Get in touch with our spice house and we'll find it for you! Get cooking delicious, traditional and authentic Indian dishes - with plenty of recipes and recipe ideas using spice of India on our blog.


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