What Are the Different Types of Chili?

What does the pronunciation of “pecan” and chili recipes have in common? No one can agree on what the “correct” answer is.

Battle of the Chili Dishes

While we believe the only wrong way of making chili is accidentally catching it on fire, there are five popular styles of chili among the states that consider their version to be the “correct” way to chili: 

  • Texas Chili: The official dish of the state, Texas chili is not considered chili unless it’s a bowl of red (beef marinated in spicy, cumin-spiked sauce made from red chilies) and has zero beans or tomatoes.
  • Springfield “Chilli”: It’s not Illinois “chilli” without the two Ls, canned tomato sauce, and a mix of chili powder and Tabasco.
  • Cincinnati-Style Chili: This chili is sweetened with cinnamon and nutmeg, laid over top of spaghetti, and finished with yellow shredded cheese.
  • Oklahoma-Style Chili: Similar to Texas chili, but less militant about beans.
  • New Mexico Chili Verde: This chili utilizes pork, tomatillos, fresh chili peppers, and zero cumin – a great beef alternative.

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