Louisiana: Where the Cooking is Never Mediokra

With roots in German, Spanish, French, African, and Native American cooking, Creole cuisine is spiced to perfection. The Great Bayou State neighbors the Gulf of Mexico, giving it access to copious amounts of seafood and imports from around the world, including canned tomatoes from Sicily. That is why many Creole dishes include oysters, crab, shrimp, fish, and feature a tangy tomato base that livens up the flavors of any dish and instantly sets it apart from Cajun cooking.

A Little Bit of Gumbo in My Life, a Little Bit of Creole Roux by My Side

When it comes to Creole cuisine, you have practically endless options. You want seasoned shrimp? You got it. Spicy one-pot dishes? You got it. Not sure what you want? We got you. We’ve listed a few of our favorite hallmark dishes that translate the flavor, spice, and variety of Creole cooking right onto your plate: 

  • Gumbo: A warm mix of tomatoes, shellfish, bell pepper, onion, celery, dark roux, okra, filé powder, and herbs, gumbo is the very definition of Southern comfort food. 
  • One-Pot Creole Shrimp: Sweet, savory, and spicy, Creole Shrimp is an easy, savory dinner packed with flavor. Our One-Pot Shrimp Creole recipe is the perfect addition to your mealtime rotation. 
  • Dirty Beans and Rice: Warm and aromatic, Dirty Rice and Beans is another Creole meal staple that is easy to make and will leave zero leftovers behind. Our Creole Vegetarian Dirty Rice and Beans recipe is a great first step into Creole cooking. 
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