Paprika; The Ultimate Dry Rub Must-Have

Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash

You know you need a dry rub, you know you love a dry rub, but what makes a good dry rub…great? The answer is actually very simple: PAPRIKA. This bright spice is a total staple in the culinary world, and for good reason too.

Made from dried and ground red peppers, this iconic red powder ranges from sweet and mild to bitter and spicy. Commonly used as a garnish on deviled eggs or potato salads, this gorgeous spice also has another popular use in dry rubs! 

We highly recommend that if you’re planning on using a dry rub this summer that you opt for one with paprika in it (like this one). We’re going to shout it from the rooftops and use it on every meat we’re grilling from here on out… 

Why Is There Paprika in Dry Rub?

This spice needs oil to be soluble, making it excellent for dry rubs because the fats in the meat cause all the flavors in paprika to bloom.

Also, paprika reportedly contains several health benefits, as well as provides a world of color and flavor to your meals.

Dry rubs with paprika make the perfect addition to pork, chicken and even seafood. Our vegan friends could even throw it on some tofu or seitan for a little extra pizzazz. Our Memphis Style Barbecue Rub is one of those seasonings that you should just always have on hand for grilling season. This paprika-forward dry rub is so delicious on its own, you don’t even need a sauce!

With just a few shakes of our Memphis style dry rub, your meat will be prepped and ready to go right in your grill or smoker. Prepare to enjoy the tastiest summer of your life...

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