Cardamom: What It Is & 12 Cardamom Recipes

What is Cardamom? 

Ahhh, cardamom. This extremely versatile and highly flavorful spice packs a lot of punch – in many ways! If you haven’t considered incorporating cardamom pods in the dishes you cook, it’s high time that you do. Sweet or savory, snacks or main courses – whatever it is, upping the taste of your culinary experiments with a few cardamom recipes should bring it to a whole new level! 

Cardamom belongs to the ginger family and delivers a robust, pungent aroma and flavor. It comes from seed pods of two varieties: black cardamom and green cardamom. You can use the cardamom pods as a whole, or opt to grind it up into cardamom seeds.

Cardamom is one of the most popular spices in Indian cooking and is found in everything from spice blends to masala chai. Cardamom is also frequently found in Scandinavia, particularly during the holidays with baked goods, like sweet rolls and breads. Cardamom is a gorgeous way to add glamour to a basic pot of rice, tea or black coffee. 

Cardamom Taste

The taste of cardamom includes hints of mint, lemon and a slight smokiness that works really well with meats. It’s a regular fixture in both Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines, but what’s interesting is that Sweden tops the list as the country that most frequently utilizes cardamom in their food!

Cardamom Recipes

There are plenty of ideas for using cardamom- we've listed our favorite below but feel free to check out more amazing recipes here and at Bon Appetit.


Cardamom in Drinks 

Cardamom is also a great spice for livening up a number of drinks such as coffee and tea. To make cardamom tea and coffee, ground cardamom is best toasted in a pan before added to awaken the spicy and pungent flavor. Just a couple of seconds is all it takes to toast the ground cardamom, and then add it to your loose-leaf tea or ground coffee. The result? A nutty and spicy taste to old favorites, giving off extra warmth and hominess that’s perfect for a relaxing night in!


Baked Goodies with Cardamom 

Adding ground cardamom to your favorite recipes for spiced cakes, bread, seasonal cookies and the like will give your goodies the same familiar and delicious taste but with a hint of something pleasantly different. Cardamom blends in perfectly with recipes that utilize cinnamon or cloves as these spices all belong to the same category. Some examples include apple tarts and bread pudding – baked goodies that are known for their spicy-sweet taste, which cardamom delivers quite well. 

You can make this pungent spice as the main feature in your baked treats, such as cardamom cookies! Mix together your favorite cookie dough base, and then a dash of ground cardamom seeds and some shaved almonds. The result? A classic, after-school favorite that’s perfect for the cooler, holiday months.

Another great idea is to make cardamom bread, which pairs nicely with sausages, cheese, and your favorite spreads. Add cardamom to your tried and tested bread recipe, and that’s it! It’s an easy way to give a new twist to your usual breads. Serve up some warm, creamy or crusty slices of cardamom bread along with a side of your favorite cheeses and jams, then wash it all down with warm milk or even some nice red wine.

Cooking and Baking Possibilities: Best Accomplished with Cardamom

By now, you should already know that cardamom has many uses in sweet and savory foods as well as drinks that are both warm or chilled. A mere dash of this stimulating spice can give any old recipe a much-needed boost. Truly, it deserves its own place in your spice rack!


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