Spice Hacks: Best Smoked Paprika Substitute?

Smoked Paprika isn’t too much of a staple in western cooking, but its flavor is unique that finding the best substitute would fare you well when it’s missing from your pantry. The right substitute for smoked paprika will maintain the flavor profile and authenticity of a recipe.

Smoked Paprika has a rich, smoky flavor that many people love as it is perfect for hearty stews, meats, and meals. It’s one of the spices that’s mostly used in meat rubs and barbecue.

Substitutes for Smoked Paprika Powder

Chipotle Powder

Like smoked paprika, chipotle powder has the same flavor elements. It is smoky, full-bodied, and has a strong pepper flavor. This is probably the best spice substitute that you can use for smoked paprika. Chipotle powder is made from smoked and dried jalapenos. It has an earthy flavor and will add a bit more heat to your dishes as smoked paprika is normally mild. Keep this in mind when using it as a substitute.

Ancho Powder

Ancho peppers are a part of the holy trinity of Mexican chilies and have a complex flavor on its own. Many specialty Mexican groceries and some supermarkets may carry ancho pepper powder. This is an excellent substitute as it also has some sweetness and earthiness to its flavor. Ancho powder has a moderate heat and can give a bit of a kick. This consists of ground poblano peppers and nothing else.

Guajillo Pepper

Guajillo peppers measure around 2 - 4 inches and has a smooth and deep red color. Part of the Mexican ‘holy trinity’ of peppers, these peppers are available in powder and paste form, although contains preservatives in these forms. The Guajillo pepper boasts a unique fruity, yet smoky flavor with its heat ranging from mild to medium. These peppers are best used for salsa and sauces.

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