Holiday Spices Every Kitchen Needs

Spices like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, star anise & ginger instantly conjure up Christmas cooking, from French inspired quatre epices braises to gingerbread cookies & mulled wine. Many of these Christmas spices originated in the Middle East, making their way to Europe via the Portuguese, Dutch, & British. We love including freshly ground star anise, toasted fennel, or Szechuan peppercorns in our spice blends and cooking recipes for a super unique taste. Get cooking with these freshly ground Christmas spices. Plus we've got plenty of recipes for inspiration!

Saffron Threads

Saffron threads are famous for their vibrantly golden hue and are most classically used in rice dishes. They are the most expensive spice in the world and also among the most flavorful and prized. We’ve included these delicate threads intact, for grinding by hand. Add to risottos, pilafs, or vegetable dishes for a beautiful color & unforgettable flavor.

Saffron Threads spices

Indo-French Vadouvan

A French take on an Indian masala, this blend is bursting with the aromatic and vibrant flavors of both cuisines. Shallots, onion, and garlic combine with fenugreek, fennel, curry leaves, and other spices to bring a warm, full, and rounded flavor. Use Indo-French vadouvan as a base for a curry or utilize as a "tempering" spice and add towards the end of cooking to bring balance and warmth. Particularly yummy in birianis and dahls!

vadouvan spices

Quatre Epices

There’s a saying, simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. Never is that more true than in the case of quatre epices.This blend dates back to the European courts of the Middle Ages and is a staple in French and Middle Eastern kitchens, often used in pâtés and terrines. Use quatre epices with braised short ribs, rubbed salmon, roasted carrots, cakes, and muffins for complex flavor.

Quatre Epices spices

Pumpkin Pie Spice

This fall-inspired pumpkin pie spice blend is unlike all those other traditional blends. Freshly-ground cinnamon, allspice, and star anise shine as the key ingredients. Sprinkle this pumpkin spice over squash and roast, stir into yogurt or ice cream, brew into your morning coffee, or add to cookies, breads, cakes, pies, or other baked goods.

Pumpkin Pie Spices

German Gingerbread Spice

Ginger, coriander, and star anise round out this deeply complex, savory gingerbread spice blend. Mix into anything from gingerbread pancakes, coffee, traditional German gingerbread cookies, roasted vegetables, or baked nectarines.

German Gingerbread Spices

Peppercorn Chai Spices

Chai has permeated Indian culture for over 5,000 years and remains a staple throughout India, where it is typically served in hot milky tea after a main meal. This blend includes dried roses, green cardamom, black peppercorns, star anise, fennel, & cloves. Steep into your favorite black tea or bake into cookies, cakes, or muffins.

Peppercorn Chai Spices

Mahlab Spice

These are the ground pits of Mahlab cherries, typically grown in Greece, Turkey, and Egypt. These pits add an ultra-luxurious almond, nutty, vanilla flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste. We love to add this Mahlab spice powder to baked goods like pastries, breads, rice pudding, and honey and cheese desserts.

Mahlab Spices

Apple Pie Spice

This is not your Grandma's apple pie spice! This freshly ground spice blend includes grains of paradise (a West African pepper), star anise, and green cardamom for a unique twist on a classic spice blend. Try in breads, muffins, french toast, roasted yams, or carrot and squash soup.

Apple Pie Spices



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