Spice Hacks: Best Celery Salt Substitute?

Celery salt is one of the many versatile spices that can be used for flavoring dishes or garnishing cocktails. This flavoring agent is basically a concentrated form of celery mixed with salt. Many people love to add this to the classic Bloody Mary or use it to give a little more oomph to roasts, salads, and vegetables.

If you love cooking, you most likely had to deal with running out of an ingredient that your recipe calls for. There are a few substitutes for celery salt that are relatively easy to find and you may even have some of them already in your kitchen!

Substitutes for Celery Salt

Celery Seed + Salt

Celery Salt is made of two ingredients -- celery powder or concentrate and salt. Simple as that. Instead of finding a substitute for this spice, why not make your own instead? Remember to combine equal parts of both ingredients, but some brands might have different ratios. Just remember that a 1:1 ratio gives you a more balanced flavor profile. Make your own celery powder by grinding celery seeds so your end product is more flavorful than if you were to use pre-ground.

Fresh Celery

What people love about using celery salt is the concentrated flavor that it gives dishes, but what people don’t know is that the celery seed used in this spice is actually harvested from a plant called lovage, which is a relative of celery. The strong flavor is present in the stalks and leaves of the celery plant, but you might not be able to use this to garnish your cocktails as the end product won’t be something that is powdered. It may not also be good to use as a substitute for dressings and rubs, but may be used in soups or other dishes.

Dill Salt

Dill, sometimes referred to as dill weed, belongs to the same family as celery, chervil, and coriander. It has a similar flavor profile to celery seed to be an effective substitute. Combine pre-ground dill seed powder with salt, just like you would with celery seed and salt. It would be a good substitute for dry rubs, salad dressings, and potato salad.