21 Day Fix Recipes

If you need portion control without the blandness, then these 21 Day Fix recipes may be just what you need. Combine a strict workout schedule with color-coded containers for fool-proof portion control. We've got the best recipes, packed with spices, to get you started. All of these recipes are clean and have a fairly straightforward container count. Salads and pastas: use the green and yellow containers and use the red, purple for the rest of the ingredients.



Dal Makhani (Indian Spiced Lentils)

This rich, healthy stew with RawSpiceBar's Garam Masala spices is packed with protein from lentils and an ultra easy, warming one pot dish ready in under 30 minutes. Full recipe here.



Curry Rice, 4 Delicious Ways

A simple and delicious way to amp up any rice dish with freshly ground curry spices, like RawSpiceBar's Vadouvan, garam masala or madras curry powder. Change it up to suit the mood- we love this curry rice with Indian spices or East Asian spices. Full recipe here.



Curry Pumpkin Soup

Rich, creamy, RawSpiceBar's Malaysian Curry Powder spiced curry pumpkin soup is the perfect one pot dish for fall, ready in under 30 minutes. Full recipe here.



Five Spice Chicken

Chicken thighs, drumsticks or breasts marinated with RawSpiceBar's Chinese Five Spice Powder. This will be your favorite Chicken recipe to fall in love with. Full recipe here.



Blackened Salmon

Serve and enjoy your RawSpiceBar's Blackened Seasoning Salmon on a bed of corn and tomatoes or alone. Full recipe here.



Vegan Fried "Rice"

We love pairing farro, a nutty grain that is delish when toasted (and can be found in almost any bulk section) with the bold flavors of RawSpiceBar's Chinese Five Spice Powder, with freshly ground fennel, cinnamon, Szechuan peppercorns & cloves for an easy vegan fried rice dish. Add in scallions and garlic, and this is a hugely flavorful meal. Sub in brown rice or any fresh veggies you have on hand for an easy weeknight meal in under 20 minutes. Enjoy! Full recipe here.



Chirashi Bowl

Quite possibly the easiest Japanese dish to assemble, chirashi means “scattered" in Japanese, referring to way the toppings and RawSpiceBar's Furikake Seasoning are doled out on a bowl of rice. This is an easy to source and quick to assemble type of meal. Fish or vegetables you have on hand can be raw or cooked and rice can be stirred together, like a rice salad, or sit on the bottom. Serve with soy sauce & furikake spices. Full recipe here.



Easy Chicken Katsu

A simple panko-crusted chicken katsu cutlet recipe with RawSpiceBar's Shichimi Togarashi. Serve with rice or a salad for a super easy weeknight dish. Full recipe here.



Chana Masala

One pot easy veggie chana masala with freshly ground RawSpiceBar's Garam Masala. Full recipe here.



Healthy Turkey Tacos

This Healthy Turkey Tacos with RawSpiceBar's Taco Seasoning is best served in hard or soft tortillas with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, or sour cream. Full recipe here.



Tandoori Chicken

The best homemade tandoori chicken recipe ever! Oven baked in a tender, moist, juicy yogurt marinade with freshly ground RawSpiceBar's Tandoori Masala. Full recipe here.



Golden Saffron Rice

One pinch of RawSpiceBar's Saffron Threads adds a luxurious, bright, lovely golden color and smell to a pot of steamed saffron rice- we'd eat this daily if we could. Full recipe here.



Almond Turmeric Latte

Serve immediately and enjoy your favorite latte infused with RawSpiceBar's Turmeric Powder. Full recipe here.


 Looking for more 21 Day Fix recipe ideas? Check out Brit + Co. Get all the resources from and an eating plan here.


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