Polvorones (Spanish Cookies)

These Spanish cookies, also known as polvorones, are packed with roasted almonds, orange zest, star anise and ground cinnamon spices. These are soft, crumbly, holiday goodness - just like the wooden boxes found in Spain (or maybe better).



4 1/2 cups flour
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup extra virgin olive oil
3/4 cup almonds, roasted
1 tsp anise extract
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp star anise, ground
1/3 orange, zest (about 1 tbsp)
Pinch kosher salt


1. Heat oven to 350F degrees.
2. Place flour on a bakin sheet and toast for 20 minutes in the oven, mixing every 5 minutes. Set aside and let cool.
3. Roast almonds, 15-20 minutes, turning halfway through. Let cool and then grind in food processor.
4. Combine toasted flour, roasted almonds, powdered sugar, and orange zest in a medium sized bowl. Add anise and slowly add olive oil, while stirring.
5. Move dough to counter and use rolling pin to roll out to 1/4" thick. Cut into shapes with cookie cutters or roll into balls. Add to baking sheet and bake, 15-20 minutes until cracking on top. Enjoy!

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