Chirashi Bowl

Quite possibly the easiest Japanese dish to assemble, chirashi means “scattered" in Japanese, referring to way the toppings and furikake are doled out on a bowl of rice. This is an easy to source and quick to assemble type of meal. Fish or vegetables you have on hand can be raw or cooked and rice can be stirred together, like a rice salad, or sit on the bottom. Serve with soy sauce & furikake spices.


2 cups of brown rice (or sushi rice)
1 cup rice vinegar
2 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp RawSpiceBar's Furikake Seasoning
Vegetables (shiitake mushrooms, scallions, sprouts, carrots, edamame), sushi or seafood (salmon, tuna, shrimp, octopus), pickled vegetables, eggs, or other items like roe, seaweed, spinach, onions. This is a super versatile dish so pick and choose what is easily on hand.


1. Cook rice and let cool, 5-10 minutes. Move to a bowl with rice vinegar, sesame seeds and furikake and mix well. 
2. Add all your ingredients to the big bowl of rice and mix well, then portion individually. 
3. Serve with soy sauce and more furikake, if desired, and eat with chopsticks or a spoon.


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