Chicken Biryani

Rice lovers of the world, unite! If you love to eat flavored rice dishes, then you are sure to love biryani. This one-pot wonder is a merry mix of spices, vegetables or choice meats that’s set with the filling and flavor-enhancing long grain rice. One bit of biryani gives your mouth a taste of the exotic: a rich combination of spices, dried fruits, roasted nuts, and other unique flavors that make for an unforgettable culinary adventure. While biryani is typically known as a South Asian dish, the origins of this dish actually goes back to Persia. Thanks to migration, conquest, pilgrimage and trade, this dish was brought to the other side of the world where it was warmly welcomed and incorporated in many cultures, particularly Muslim ones. Take a look at these either biryani recipes you should try soon!


Chicken Biryani Recipe: Chicken biryani is a great way to use up your leftover chicken – especially the white meat parts – and transform it into a creamy and savory treat that warms up your tummy quickly. We love whipping up a chicken biryani with our freshly ground garam masala.


Vegetable Biryani: A staple among non-meat eaters, vegetable biryani is a nice take on your usual bell peppers, cilantro, squash, etc. Anything goes when it comes to vegetable biryani, and whatever you put in gets a milky and tangy flavor courtesy of coconut milk and/or lemon juice.


Lamb Biryani: There’s nothing quite like a lamb dish, and when it’s coated in yoghurt and sweet-spicy aromatics you will know that you’re in for a meaty and palatable treat. Sometimes creamy, sometimes dry – but always bursting with flavor!


Egg Biryani: Instead of cooking your usual fried egg on top of skillet fried rice, why not take things up a notch with egg biryani? This super easy meal is a fast one, which is great for on-the-fly cooks who still put a primer on taste and presentation. Egg biryani makes for a great breakfast packed with carbohydrates and protein to get you through the day!


Biryani Masala: Biryani masala may seem like a spice that’s surrounded like mystery, but not anymore! Here is a great recipe that you can follow to create your own biryani masala spice that you can use to season any meat or even vegetable biryani dish. Follow the basic recipe and tweak things up until you find the combination of sweetness and spiciness that you like, and then go ahead and call it your own!


Hyderabadi Biryani: This form of biryani comes from Hyderabad in India. There are two types of Hyderabad biryani: the raw type called Kachchi, and the cooked variant called Pakki. While goat is the usual meat used in this dish, feel free to use chicken or even some other types of meats for variety or to suit your dietary requirements without sacrificing on taste!


Biryani Rice: Every biryani starts out with some basic biryani rice made with long grain rice that is washed and then cooked with a medley of spices or even dried fruit to make a fluffy and aromatic base for your vegetable, chicken, or meat mix-ins!

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