The Best Rib Rub Recipes

Barbeque is king on the Memphis food scene. In this BBQ town, sugary sauces are omitted from the barbeque menu. Instead, Memphians prefer so called dry rubs—freshly ground spice blends of paprika, black pepper, and cayenne, with just a touch of brown sugar for sweetness. This freshly ground rub is a nod to the dry rub ribs that have put Memphis on the BBQ map. In this rub, Greek influences such as oregano and garlic meet traditional Cajun spices like paprika and chili powder

For tangy & tender grilled ribs, use this rub to create an acidic “wet mop”, applied three different ways while cooking. First, the rub is massaged into the meat the night before grilling. Secondly, the rub is incorporated into a wet mop (a vinegar based sauce) and brushed every 15-20 minutes while grilling. Lastly, generously sprinkle the ribs with the rub at the end of cooking.This triple application of spices creates incredible character and depth of flavor, while at the same time preserving the taste of the pork.  Not into pork?  We've got other great rib rub recipe ideas below!


Memphis Dry Rub Ribs


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