6 Essential Indian Spice Blends

Indian spices have been a part of Indian cuisine for thousands of years, with Indian spice blends perfected in tens of thousands of ways within thousands of micro regions across India.  Each family recipe can vary, leading to tremendous, wildly flavorful diversity. From North India's hot & spicy tandoori kebabs & deeply flavorful curries, to South India, where vegetarian meals like dahls and tiffins are the norm, to the French inspired flavors of Pondicherry, we've got all your freshly ground, recipe-ready Indian spice blends ready for you to get cooking your favorite Indian dishes!  



The deep green, zesty leaf of the kaffir lime ground into a fine powder is one of our favorite secret weapons for elevating a dish from good to great. RawSpiceBar’s Madras Curry Powder.

Kashmir Chiles Tandoori

The core spice base of one of North India’s most popular tandoori-style dishes, this aromatic blend of a dozen spices adds rich, complex character to dishes. RawSpiceBar’s Kashmir Chiles Tandoori.


Mango Toasted Chaat

Amchoor, asafoetida & black salt are just a few of the ingredients that give this spice blend its unique, tangy flavor profile. This is the go to spice blend for most Indian snacks, street foods, roasted and fried food and salads. RawSpice Bar’s Mango Toasted Chaat.

Punjabi Garam Masala

Arguably among the most famous of Indian spices is the Punjabi spice blends, there are literally thousands of ways to prepare this Punjabi garam masala spice blend – ours is toasted and freshly ground using a traditional Punjabi family recipe. RawSpiceBar’s Punjabi Garam Masala.


Chai Indian spice, which have permeated cultures for over 5,000 years, remains a staple of Punjab cuisine and is typically served in hot milky tea following a main meal. RawSpiceBar’s Peppercorn chai Spices.



Indo-French Vadouvan

This French take on an Indian masala, is bursting with the aromatic and vibrant flavors of both cuisines. Shallots, onion and garlic combine with fenugreek, fennel, curry leaves and other spices to bring a warm, full and rounded flavour, balanced by the nutty notes of toasted sesame seeds. RawSpiceBar’s Indo-French Vadouvan.

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