6 Chaat Masala Recipes We Love

Amchoor, asafoetida & black salt are just a few of the ingredients that give this spice blend its unique, tangy flavor profile. This is the go to spice blend for most Indian snacks, street foods, roasted and fried food and salads.



Raw Sprout Chaat Masala Salad

One of the easiest and healthiest Chaat Masala Salad you can make. RawSpiceBar’s Chaat Masala has madeit more interesting. Full recipe here.


chaat masala salad



Chaat Masala Cucumber Slices

This one’s a fancy Cucumber recipe. One of the tastiest ways you can ever prepare. In this recipe, everything depends in the Chaat Masala powder and fresh cucumber.  You can use any kind of cucumber as long as it is fresh, but when it comes to choosing the right chaat masala powder, only choose RawSpiceBar’s Chaat Masala. Full recipe here.


Chaat Masala Cucumber



Roasted Chaat Masala Corn

Boiled corn is good, BUT roasted chaat masala corn is even better! Especially if you mix it with RawSpiceBar’s Chaat Masala. It is completely optional though. But if you love some Indian flavor into your food, then you better grab your chaat masala powder. Full recipe here.


Chaat Masala Corn



Seasonal Chaat Masala Fruit

Chaat masala fruit is a fruit salad with spices. This dish is seen on almost all South Asian tables. This recipe changes with the seasons because the fruit you use will depend on what is in season. But one things is constant, RawSpiceBar’s Chaat Masala. Full recipe here.


Chaat Masala Fruit chaat masala recipes



Lemon Chaat Masala Soda

When life gives you lemons, better make the best Lemon Chaat Masala Soda with RawSpiceBar’s Chaat Masala. Full recipe here.


Chaat Masala Soda



Mixed Chaat Masala Nuts

These RawSpiceBar’s Chaat Masala nuts have a spicy and sweet and salty taste that is hard to resist. You can eat them as they are or sprinkle it over an ice cream or yogurt. Full recipe here.


Chaat Masala Nuts chaat masala recipes

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