4 Best Saffron Threads Recipes

We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to cook with RawSpiceBar’s Saffron Threads.


Pomegranate Saffron Cake

pomegranate saffron cake

Deliciously layered sponge cake with whipped cream and topped with colorful Pomegranate and RawSpiceBar’s Saffron threads. Full recipe here.


Saffron Mango Matka Kulfi

Saffron Kulfi, saffron threads

A creamy Mango Matka Saffron Kulfi with the real mango pulp makes it a perfect seasonal dessert with RawSpiceBar’s Saffron threads. When mangoes are in season, this must be on your list. Full recipe here.


Saffron Rice Tachin

tachin-saffron-rice saffron threads

Tachin is one of the most iconic dishes in Persian cuisine. It’s also perfect for Nowruz, it’s elegant yet satisfying. try this recipe using RawSpiceBar’s Saffron.


Ginger Saffron Tea

safffron_ginger_tea saffron threads

This one is an easy, one spice recipe that is dedicated to the royal RawSpiceBar’s Saffron, one of the most expensive of all spices. Full recipe here.

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